Boca Juniors vs. Argentinos Juniors – Match Report – August 8, 2021

Boca Juniors vs.  Argentinos Juniors - Match Report - August 8, 2021

( – Boca is still unable to win in the Professional League. For the fifth date of the contest, he tied 1 to 1 at La Bombonera against Argentinos Juniors and with four points he continues at the bottom of the table.

The goals of the match were converted by Matías Romero at 18 of the first half, and by Miguel Torren against (after Edwin Cardona’s shot) at 24 of the complement.

The truth is that the tie was just in a difficult match to play due to the torrential rain under which the match was played.

It became difficult at times to dominate the ball to the ground, especially in the goal that overlooks Casa Amarilla, where Boca attacked in the first half.

In that first half, Xeneize almost did not arrive, who tried to play with a midfield made up of Aaron Molinas, Cardona and Medina, but where he could never control the ball.

Without many situations, the one who best took advantage of the state of the field was the Bug with a stopped ball. Gabriel Carabajal executed a free kick very well, the ball hit the crossbar and the rebound was connected with a head by Romero (he anticipated Fabra, always weak on the mark) for the 1-0.

Boca had no ideas and almost did not arrive, but he had his chance in the first 45 minutes, with a header in front of Medina’s goal that Chavez covered very well.

In addition, Xeneize improved, especially because he was able to attack more easily due to the advantage that the field of play gave him. Anyway, Argentinos defended themselves well, and the goal came as expected: with another stopped ball.

At 24 minutes, Cardona, who had lifted in the second half, kicked violently from the left edge of the area, the ball deflected slightly in Torren and got into Chávez’s goal: 1 to 1.

It seemed that Boca was encouraged to go for the victory, but a few minutes later Cardona was sent off for a double yellow, and the team took refuge closer to Rossi. The Colombian, who seeks to gain ground after the controversy generated by not returning to training after the Copa América, left the court with a bittersweet feeling.

The last minutes were hardly played. Argentinos sought to take advantage of the man of more but with the state of the field, in some places impassable by water, he could not do much. He did have a very clear head that could have been victory, but Quintana sent it just off the track.

The truth is that Boca, despite the fact that he was satisfied by the tie, still did not win: he barely did so in one of the last 16 games played. Russo’s team does not find the way, which sinks in the table and moves away from the qualifying positions to the Libertadores. At least, he scored again after almost 600 minutes: he had not done it from the first date, against Union.

On that occasion he tied with Tatengue, and then he also tied with Banfield, Talleres and this Sunday with El Bicho (he had lost with the Reserve against San Lorenzo).

The changes of DT, entered Briasco, Ramírez and Advíncula, did not change too much: for a long time the problem of Boca is not of names, it is of operation. Not even the clean and jerk for having eliminated River on penalties this week (for the Argentine Cup) helped Russo’s men to change the image.

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