Dominican Republic finishes in 68th place with 5 Olympic medals

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Dominican Republic finishes in 68th place with 5 Olympic medals

Dominicans beat countries like Argentina and Mexico in the Tokyo 2020 medal table

The Dominican Republic He finished a historic participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by winning five medals, which was his highest total in a single event.

Athletics, weightlifting and baseball were the disciplines that awarded 3 silver and 2 bronze to the country, with Marileidy paulino in the lead, becoming the first double medalist in a single edition of the Games in the history of the Caribbean country.

In relation to the Rio 2016 edition, where only one medal was achieved (Luisito Pie, bronze, taekwondo), 10 places in the medal table were improved by going from 78 to 68.

In London 2012, the Dominican Republic improved its position (position 47) by getting a gold medal (Félix Sánchez) and a silver from Luguelín Santos, who also became a double medalist by achieving a medal in the mixed relay team in the 400 meters.

In Beijing 2008With 24 athletes in 9 disciplines, Dominicana also finished in 47th place with the first gold medal for “El Súper Sánchez” and silver for Gabriel Mercedes in taekwondo.

Historically, the best place was obtained in Los Angeles 1984 with the bronze of Pedro Julio Nolasco in boxing, since there were fewer disciplines and categories, and the dominance of the great nations was much greater and the distribution of medals was different from that of recent editions.

At the Latin American level, the Dominican Republic achieved an excellent position by being above nations such as Argentina with a population of 45 million inhabitants and Mexico 128 million inhabitants.

The South Americans achieved 72nd place with a silver medal (women’s field hockey) and two bronze medals (rugby 7 and volleyball), while the North Americans achieved 4 bronzes (archery, diving, weightlifting and soccer).

The Dominican Republic surpassed Puerto Rico in number of medals, since the Puerto Ricans only got one but they were better positioned in the table as it was a gold medal and were tied with Colombia in number of medals, although the South Americans got 4 silver and one bronze to achieve a ranking in the table in place 66.

Above the Dominican Republic were nations such as Brazil with 21 medals (7 gold, 6 silver, 8 bronze) and Cuba (7, 3 and 5).

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