“I respect it, but I want to withdraw it,” warns Errol Spence of Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao y Errol Spence

Errol spence feels fully confident to defeat and withdraw Manny pacquiao in their fight on August 21, in The Vegas, Nevada.

“I really want to withdraw it,” he commented. Spence to Mortal Kombat. “I really respect him for taking this fight and being a real boxer. He could just pick anyone to pocket a big paycheck, but he chose the toughest challenge in the division. “

Spence Jr. praised the Filipino, whom he pointed to as a living boxing legend at 42, and also applauded the Filipino’s initiative to seek a world title on his return after two years away from the ring.

Pacquiao He is a living legend, a true icon ”, he commented. “A lot of people don’t have these fights, but with him we are seeing living boxing history. I feel lucky to be able to be in the ring. This may be his last fight and that makes him a lot bigger because it will probably be talked about for the next 100 years. “

Despite the praise for Pacquiao, Spence affirmed that he does not see this fight as the most important of his career, since that place belongs to the triumph over Kell brook in 2017, when he beat him to win the scepter of the FIB.

“It’s probably the second best fight of my career,” he said. “I still feel that the Kell brook it has been the biggest so far. It solidified me and gave me my first world title. I fought in another country and in front of their fans and I beat them. At the time I was the best welterweight, so it was for sure the biggest of my career. “

On the future that holds for him in the welterweight division, Errol confirmed that after Pacquiao it would just be Terence crawford who would motivate him to look for one more fight at 147 pounds.

“Of course I’m interested in a fight with CrawfordIt is for the only one who would stay at 147 pounds ”, he commented. “Maybe I will Top rank and you never know. If he is happy there, it is up to each person and may God bless him ”.

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