Jorge Orozco was close to the first medal in Sports Shooting for Mexico

Jorge Orozco was close to the first medal in Sports Shooting for Mexico

The Mexican was in fourth place in the Men’s Olympic Trench category, very close to the bronze medal.

Despite the fact that in the discipline of Sports Shooting in Mexico historically has not obtained an Olympic medal, the Mexican Jorge Orozco He raised his hand for his country and was very close to hanging a medal in the Olympic pit category.

The 21-year-old from Guadalajara became the hope of obtaining a medal for the Mexican people, however after obtaining the fourth place at his young age, he became one of the elements to follow for the next Olympic tournament , commanding the representatives in the following categories in the discipline of shooting.

Men’s Olympic Pit

In the category of Men’s Olympic Pit, Jorge Orozco He excited and revealed the Mexicans after his individual performance, where with a great performance he established himself in fourth place in the competition, being very close to fighting for the bronze medal.

The 21-year-old from Guadalajara remained in the lead in the first sets by getting 22 accurate shots, so he remained in the first place, however, a series of mistakes placed him in second place with 27 successful shots, so that the Mexican, after three missed shots in a row, took fourth place, being the last eliminated in the classification.

Women’s Olympic Pit

For his part Alejandra Ramirez Caballero, said goodbye to the activity individually from the fair of Tokyo 2020, after failing to advance to the final of the Olympic pit category, after being in thirteenth place on the second day of qualifying, so he failed to sneak into the top six, with four shots remaining from advance to the next phase.

Mixed Sports Shooting

Jorge Orozco Y Alejandra Ramirez ended their participation in the Tokyo 2020 OlympicsBy failing to qualify for the mixed sport shooting final, the Mexican duo finished in fifteenth place in the elimination round with 138 units, which is why they failed to secure a place in the category’s grand final.

Air rifle

The 21-year-old Mexican shooter, Edson Ismael Ramirez Ramos, ended his activity after being out of the final of the discipline, after concluding his participation in the eighteenth place, with 695.9 points.

Rifle three positions

The Mexican shooter, Jose Luis Sánchez Castillo He finished his activity in the 50-meter three-position rifle category, after establishing himself in the 33rd place out of 39 athletes, so the Monterrey player was 22 units away from classifying the eight best shooters.

Female Skeet

The Mexican Gabriela Guadalupe Rodríguez Garza, stayed in the middle of the test in the pursuit of reaching the final in the category of Skeet (target) of sport shooting in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

After five rounds, the Mexican was established in twelfth place with 118 points, which is why she did not manage to enter the group of six finalists, because two points did not allow her to continue to enter the dispute for one of the medals. olympic

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