Lionel Messi clarifies his photograph with PSG players

Lionel Messi clarifies his photograph with PSG players

In his farewell press conference, the Argentine noted that he was having a barbecue with his friends when the picture was taken.

Lionel messi officially left the Barcelona this Sunday and clarified in his press conference the Photography that was taken together with Neymar, Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes Y Marco Verratti, all players of the Paris Saint-Germain, a rumored team is going for their services. At a press conference, the Argentine said that there was nothing behind the image and that he only shared a moment with friends.

“Totally [una casualidad]. The truth is that there was a lot of talk about that photo and I will explain it to you quickly because it is bullshit. I was going to meet with Say Maria Y Walls. We talk about it at the Cup [América] that we were going to be in Ibiza, “he said in the first instance.

“The day before we came we were going to spend the night and she calls me NeyHe tells me that he is in Ibiza, that we are going to see each other. I told him that I arranged with ‘Read‘ Y ‘Fide‘We are going to meet and he says, well, let’s go to my house “.

We had a barbecue with friends, Verratti was also there and then we took a photo, a photo of the moment. They even jokingly told me to go to Paris, to the PSG. Then what happens happens and that photo is given a lot of importance. It was a moment of friends that we shared on vacation, “said the Argentine.

Meanwhile, he said he wants to continue competing at the highest level and seek more titles in his career, more than the 35 he won with the Spanish club and sent a message to Dani Alves, who has 43 trophies in his career.

“People know that I am a winner and I want to compete, fight for titles. By the way I congratulate Dani Alves who won the Olympic medal and I will fight to reach it and overcome it if possible, that’s my mentality and people know me well enough to question me, “he emphasized Messi.

Nevertheless, Messi said go to PSG is a possibility and does not rule out landing in Paris For the following campaign, despite everything, he stressed that he has not yet closed with a team despite the fact that several clubs in the world have already called him.

“It is a sincerely possibility. At this time and at this point I have nothing settled with anything. It is true that I had many calls from many clubs that were interested and now I have nothing closed, but we are talking.”

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