Messi: “I did everything possible to stay … Barça? I don’t know”

Messi: "I did everything possible to stay ... Barça? I don't know"

BARCELONA – Leo Messi said goodbye to Barcelona without acrimony … but condemning a reality, his, indisputable. “I did everything possible to stay at Barça. Everything. The club? I don’t know that, they should answer it.”

Impassive and direct, without saying more than necessary, the Argentine made it clear that he is leaving Barça “with pain” but willing to continue at the highest level, probably at PSG, “but there is nothing, because since Thursday I received many calls but I have nothing decided “, and always maintaining the same:” I did everything that was in my power. “

In tears. Disconsolate upon arrival at the Auditorium, Leo broke down and it was not easy for him, on the contrary, to articulate a meaningful five-minute speech that ended, again, broken, crying while the entire staff, coaching staff, board of directors, former teammates. .. the entire room was still standing ovation.

From there, the press conference in which he made the points very clear. And surprising with an unexpected and perhaps uncertain statement: he will play a final year away from the Camp Nou.

“It was all fixed and at the last moment it couldn’t be done. Laporta already said it. I don’t know if the club has done everything, what I am sure of is that I did do everything possible to stay. everything possible because I wanted to stay, “proclaimed the Argentine from there, serious at all times and giving the feeling of preferring to keep up appearances.

“After the elections I spoke with the new president, we ate, we chatted, and after that meal I was quite convinced that he would continue, that there would be no problem … Then what happened happened” Messi explained, warning that he does not believe that everything was a movie with a known ending. “False hopes, I do not think they were offered. We were all quite clear that it could be fixed and that is how we had everything agreed. It did not happen.

“It is the most difficult moment, without a doubt … There is no going back, it is the end in the club and I feel very sad because it is the club that I love and I did not expect it. I never lied, I always went straight ahead. Last year I wanted to to leave and not now and hence my sadness “he revealed, making it clear, above all, that he was not expecting this ending.

“I have not felt deceived. I do not want to say those things, nor talk about it. I was always transparent and since I speak little they said and said many things that are not true. What interested me most now was to say this true to the people “he sentenced, agreeing that what happened in the end” was a cold blow because I did not expect it. Hard and sad to assimilate it, that we do it as we can the whole family.

“I think that when I leave it will be even worse, but the important thing is that I will be with my people.

“The club has a very large debt, the League did not allow it and I have to look for my future. I did everything I could and it was not possible, I do not think I should say more” he cut when he repeated if he could get to think about giving more steps to follow. “I got off 50 percent of my file and then nothing more was asked of me. It is a lie that they asked me another 30 percent … Many things are said that are not true”, I agree that from here “I want to finish my career winning more titles, as many as possible, maybe here, yes, I needed to win two or three more Champions.

“A lot of things are going through my head and I’m still blocked. I still haven’t fallen into the reality of changing my club and my life. I’ve been in the first team for 16 years and it was always starting the same thing … Now, starting from scratch, in another place is not easy, but we will adapt “he resolved, surprising with an unexpected statement that followed his assurance that his stay in Europe, at the highest level, will be understood.

“The people of Barça know me. I am a competitor, I always have been and if I stayed here it would be as I will be now … I want to play my last year competing to the fullest and I don’t think I can be questioned.

“The photo of Ibiza was totally a coincidence. I met for dinner with Di Maria and Paredes, we were going to see each other when Ney called me, who is also in Ibiza. We had a barbecue, which was also Verratti, with all the jokes, but it was a coincidence. There is no more story “, he assured when questioned by the photograph on Tuesday with the four PSG players that since Thursday gave way to all kinds of speculation.

“Barça is the biggest team in the world, with a great squad. The players pass, as Laporta said, and the club is always more important. People will find it strange at first of course, but they will get used to it”, he revealed when thinking in a future Barça without him, showing the day of his debut as “perhaps the most special because it was from when everything began … Although it is very difficult to choose a single moment.

“PSG is a possibility, honestly, but at this time I have nothing arranged with anyone. When the statement came out I had many calls from clubs but there is nothing closed. We are talking, obviously” he maintained, to make it clear, again, that until the last moment of the last day “I thought about staying here. A year ago I wanted to leave and now I can’t stay. That is the only reality and it is very difficult for me to get used to it.”

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