Mexico: Baseball and softball, off-court controversy and no medal in Tokyo 2020

Mexico: Baseball and softball, off-court controversy and no medal in Tokyo 2020

Both teams were left out of medal positions and attracted more attention for extra-court issues in the Olympic Games

Mexican baseball and softball teams stayed on the path to getting medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, in which both attracted more attention because they were involved in off-court issues.

The baseball representative stayed in the attempt to transcend in the fair, then he lost his three commitments and the first of them was 1-0 against the Dominican Republic, in which he highlighted a pitching duel.

For their second commitment, they once again fell and it was against the local Japan, which looked superior to take the victory 7-4 and in a direct elimination match in search of reaching the next round they measured Israel, but fell by 12 -5.

With this they said goodbye to the Olympic joust, in which they had a controversial passage after they took a picture with the Tomateros de Culiacán flannel, which generated criticism and in the end they were left in the search to get on the podium.

In softball, Mexico was one step away from obtaining a medal in these Olympic Games, in which they monopolized the spotlight more for what happened with the uniforms that they left in the Olympic Village.

The national team had a difficult start with three losses in a row, so they had to come from behind to win their next two commitments, which remained in the fight to advance towards the medals.

The results allowed him to get into the fight for the bronze medal, the confrontation was against Canada, a difficult rival that took a 2-0 lead, Mexico achieved the equalizer, but the North American team scored a third race to take the victory and with this will obtain the medal in dispute.

After the defeat, the representative was involved in a problem because it came to light that they left team uniforms in the Olympic Village, a situation that generated criticism and even led the players Danielle O´Toole and Anissa Urtez to resign from the selection.

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