Mexico signs worst harvest of medals in Olympic Games since Atlanta 1996

Mexico signs worst harvest of medals in Olympic Games since Atlanta 1996

The Mexican delegation in Tokyo 2020 won four bronze medals, one of the shortest in its 24 appearances in the tournament.

The Mexican delegation that represented the country in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, made up of 162 athletes and the third largest in its history, concluded its participation in the tournament with four bronze medals and signed his worst harvest since Atlanta ’96, an event in which only a third-place medal was achieved.

Tokyo 2020 marks the twenty-fourth time that Mexico has attended the Olympic Games and, counting Atlanta ’96, this delegation only ranks above those that attended Berlin 1936, Seoul 1988, Tokyo 1964, Rome 1960, Paris 1900 and 1924, as well as Amsterdam 1928.

At the Olympic Games that were held on US soil between July 19 and August 4, 1996, the marcher Bernardo Segura hung the only medal for Mexico in that summer, after arriving behind the Russian Ilia Markov (silver) and the Ecuadorian Jefferson Pérez (gold).

Before WWII, Mexican athletes who attended the Olympic Games in German territory won three bronze medals, two for team sports for the first time in history -basketball and polo-, as well as one in boxing with Fidel Ortíz, in the 53.5kg category.

On South Korean soil, during the 1988 fair, the delegation of Mexico conquered two more bronzes in its history, thanks to the boxer Mario González in 51kg and Jesus Mena Campos from the men’s 10m platform.

Boxing, a constant Mexican in the Olympics, provided one more bronze medal for the country in Tokyo 1964, thanks to Juan Fabila Mendoza in the 54kg category.

For his part, in Rome, Juan Botella was awarded a bronze in jumps from the men’s 3-meter springboard.

In the early games of the 20th century, the Polo team made up of Eustaquio Escandón, Manuel de Escandón, Pablo de Escandón and Guillermo Hayden won the first medal for Mexico in the Olympic Games, at the 1900 Paris Polo tournament.

To finish the list, in Amsterdam 1928 and Paris 1924 it was attended, but the harvest of medals was nil.

Medals for Mexico in Tokyo 2020

On the first day of competitions, goalkeepers Alejandra Valencia and Luis Álvarez defeated the Turkish couple Yasemin Anagoz and Mete Gazoz 6 to 2 to win bronze, after falling to South Korea for the pass to the dispute for gold.

Three days later, the divers Alejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agúndez, won the second metal for Mexico, from the women’s synchronized 10m platform, behind the Americans Delaney Schnell and Jessica Parratto (silver) and the Chinese Yuxi Chen and Jiaqi Zhang (gold).

On the ninth day of testing, weightlifter Aremi Fuentes surprised in the women’s 76 kg category, after succeeding in his first two snatch attempts with 105 and 108, while in the loaded and jerk part he lifted 135 and 137 kg in his first two attempts and, although in the third he could not with 139kg, it was enough to hang a medal.

Finally, on the penultimate day of the Olympic Games, The Mexican soccer team, led by Jaime Lozano, won 3 to 1 against its counterpart in Japan, and won one more bronze and closed the obtaining of medals for Mexico.

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