Tokyo 2020 said goodbye to some games marked by the pandemic and gave way to Paris as a beacon of hope

Tokyo 2020 said goodbye to some games marked by the pandemic and gave way to Paris as a beacon of hope

Tokyo 2020 will be remembered as games marked by a pandemic that conditioned its essence and left in Paris 2024 the hope that everything will return to its course

With a remembrance of what happened during the last two weeks in Olympic territory, Tokyo 2020 said goodbye to different games, marked by a pandemic that conditioned the very essence of the fair; no party in the streets of the Japanese capital or fraternity between the athletes of the different nations within the town but, above all, without the public that gives life to the venues and makes its stands vibrate while the athletes perform feats that push the limit of the human.

The Tokyo Olympic Stadium put aside its sporting side and once again raised the curtain of the histrionic, to start the ceremony that gives the baton to Paris, France, as the new Olympic capital in 2024.

As the first act, the Japanese flag entered the scene escorted by prominent personalities of their country, including health personnel, then it was taken by authorities to be raised while their national anthem resounded in every corner of the room. Later, the Peace March, with the flags of the rest of the participating nations, brought color to the event with a parade that paraded in a large central circle. Finally, the athletes who were still in Japan met with their flag bearers to be part of the gala.

Once all those involved gathered on the floor, a cascade of lights bathed those present, later it ascended to form the Olympic rings above their heads and the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra went into action to set the atmosphere, accompanied by acrobats, dancers and BMX riders.

A brief interlude by DJ Matsunaga gave way to the singer Milet, who sang the Hymn to Love in Japanese and French to the rhythm of a soft ska, and then the orchestra returned to the spotlight before falling silent so that the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, gave the medals of the women’s marathon to the Kenyan Peres Jepchirchir (gold), Brigid Kosgei (silver) and the American Molly Seidel (bronze), which were awarded for the first time in conjunction with the men’s branch.

The medal ceremony continued to award Belgian Bashir Abdi (bronze), Dutch Abdi Nageeye (silver) and Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge, Olympic gold for the second time in the men’s marathon.

After some of the new athletes who will be part of the Olympic Committee were introduced, the beat of a huge drum boomed to introduce Yamada Aoi and Sato Kensaku, protagonists of a moment of remembrance, to remember the loved ones who touched our lives. and they are no longer with us.

A video was also shown of the traditional dance of the Ainu, a people that today live, for the most part, on the island of Hokkaido, and are presented in public during ceremonial acts, banquets, as well as in the context of newly created cultural festivals.

This was followed by music and dance for the deceased Nishimonai Bon Odori, used by the inhabitants of Akita Prefecture during the August period when the spirits of the deceased are believed to visit the living.

The Tokyo Olympic Stadium, including cauldron, gradually changed color to bring the tones of the French flag and begin with the act of transition to Paris, while the sound of La Marseillaise was intoned in iconic sites of the French capital and on a space station.

In the blink of an eye, the Olympic party moved to the Champ de Mars in the City of Light and a huge display of fans, whose heads passed a squad of planes with tricolor smoke, welcomed the spirit of the joust, together with President Emmanuel Macron at the top of the Eiffel Tower, who enunciated the Olympic motto “plus vite, plus Haut, plus fort, ensemble” (faster, higher, stronger, together).

“Arigato”, expressed the sports venue through its screens, the cauldron closed while the flame slowly died out and thus ended the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, those that will be remembered for serving as a beacon of light in the midst of an unprecedented emergency in the modern history of humanity, with the hope that uncertainty will be buried in Paris, to make way for a new summer joust full of life, in keeping with a world that has left this gloomy period behind.

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