Carlos Ramírez described the ordeal he endured to achieve an Olympic medal in Tokyo

Carlos Ramírez described the ordeal he endured to achieve an Olympic medal in Tokyo

The athlete, Carlos Ramírez Yepes, was one of the five Colombians who won a medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The Antioqueño took the bronze medal by finishing third in the men’s BMX race.

The 27-year-old paisa got the medal even though the forecasts were against him, Well, he arrived at the jousts with a rather complicated injury that prevented him from giving his full potential on the tracks.

Before his triumph, the bicicrosista was as a guest in ESPN Fshow where he told us about his experience in the Olympic Games. Y all the problems he went through to achieve his second bronze medal after the one achieved in Rio 2016.

Participation of the Colombian delegation in Tokyo

“I believe that all Colombians went out to do our best, we went out to try to leave Colombia at the top of the podium and leave everything of us on those tracks, in the pools, on the fields, wherever. All the Colombians who were in the Olympic games wanted to bring joy to the Colombians and we fought to do so “

“We got 5 medals, we didn’t get the most important one, but for many of us those medals were gold. For me, the bronze medal felt like gold for all the weeks that I had lived before because of what was happening in my life and how I felt physically and mentally before facing this competition “

How did you get injured

“Regarding the injury: I had a preparation race in the United States three weeks before traveling to Tokyo, and in that race, on the second day of competition, in the first heat I fell and when I stood up I felt a very intense burning in the knee of my right leg and we didn’t know what it was, and after 10 minutes my leg started to swell and I got a bruise ”.

The ordeal he endured to achieve an Olympic medal

“The first time I got on the bike to pedal it was bad because it was a pain that I had to endure until it warmed up. Already when it was hot like that the pain went away. In the end, I was able to ride on the track, train with my teammates, go out and everything, but I think I lacked a little bit of that power that I could have had as a complement. This mentally disturbed me, but in the end we achieved a good result ”.

The sadness for not getting a silver or gold medal

“I was left with the thorn because I knew I could do a better job, I could fight to be higher on the podium, I could fight to change the color of the medal and it was what I dreamed of doing. I think that under the circumstances that I got the bronze it is a very good result, it hurt me to wake up and get up in the morning and start bending my knee because the inflammation I had caused me pain ”.

Food poisoning

“The history of food was very complex for me, we arrived at the Villa before competing and I don’t know why I was messing around in the restaurant. I went into the second floor and it started to suffocate, so with the team we decided to go downstairs to eat and something was really bad for me the first day and I think I got intoxicated. Half shivering, I didn’t feel like riding, so I started to eat the basic things: rice, chicken and salmon, that was my meal every day there ”.

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