“I hope Bivol gets the fight with Canelo; if not, I am available ”, warns Zurdo Ramírez

“I hope Bivol gets the fight with Canelo;  if not, I am available ”, warns Zurdo Ramírez

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez made it clear that he expects Dmitry Bivol get the fight you want with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, but if he did not achieve it, he said he was available, since according to him, the Russian fighter is running away from him.

“People can say that they are avoiding me (Bivol) looking for the fight with Canelo“, Said the Left handed Ramirez in statements collected by Boxing News 24/7. “But I hope I get it. Everybody knows that Canelo it is the lottery ticket. At the moment I can’t hate him for trying. But, if the fight doesn’t happen, he and his team know that I’m available and there won’t be another fight or excuse to avoid me. “

The same way, Ramirez he said he knows very well Bivol, and he hopes that those threats that have been made on social networks materialize and not just be a talker.

“I know Bivol from before and he’s a tough fighter with a warrior mentality, ”he said. “I just hope he’s not just a talker and doesn’t back down from challenging me publicly on social media and announcing it to the world. Everyone knows it’s an easy fight to make (they have both fought in DAZN

). I know that nothing on my side (the team Left handed and its promoter Golden boy) are preventing this from happening ”.

Zurdo Ramírez wants the champions

Lefty Ramirez made it clear that he is the best fighter in the light heavyweights and hopes to have opportunities to fight the champions.

“I am open to fighting any of the world champions in the light heavyweight division,” he said. Ramirez. “I’ve always said that I’m the best in the division and there’s no one I don’t fight for the title with assuming all other variables line up.”

The Mexican indicated that he will get fully into gym work when he knows who his rival will be next to plan the camp much better.

“As I get closer to the news of my fight I will begin my pre-camp to make sure I am at my target weight before I even enter training camp. It’s not like my teens, so I need to make sure everything is accurate and on track before camp, ”he argued.

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