M16: Hindu defeated CASI 33 to 19 for the first date

M16: Hindu defeated ALMOST 33 to 19 for the first date

By the M16, Hindu beat CAS 33 to 19I in what was the first date of Group II, Zone C, of ​​the youth rugby tournament. Those of Don Torcuato distributed their tries with five different players and took a great victory to start the championship in the best way.

With good control of the ball and an orderly defense, Hindú scored his first try from the hand of Sebastian Amaya at five minutes. 17 minutes later, those of San Isidro woke up and tied the match with a try from Federico Salinas.

At the end of the first half, the local team managed to accommodate its defense and get more attacks, but in Hindu it appeared Juan Cruz Poderti to score a try and stretch the advantage of the visiting team, who went at halftime up by 14 to 7.

At the start of the second half, ALMOST looked to turn the score around, but J’s tryuan Pablo Sferco further expanded the advantage in favor of the Elephant. Quickly, the whole of San Isidro reacted, again, hand in hand with Federico Salinas, but Don Torcuato’s men were not far behind and with a run of two tries they managed to extend the result.

At the end of the match, those of San Isidro managed to shorten the result with a try, but that was not enough to turn the game around. A) Yes, Hindú beat CASI 33-19 and started the tournament with a away win.


ALMOST (19): 1- Juan Cruz Perri, 2- Salvador Lanus, 3- Tomas Agustín Visos, 4- Pampa Storey, 5- Mateo Bertotti, 6- Santiago Lapidoth, 7- Rafael De Ibarreta, 8- Alejo Gomez Salaverri, 9- Salvador De Giovanni, 10- Marcos Harismendy, 11- Luca Marmolejo, 12- Ramiro Casal, 13- Federico Salinas, 14- Ignacio Ruiz Murineddu, 15- Mateo Nicolás Sartori.

ENTER: Ciro Bautista Uriburu, Manuel Terrado.

Trainers: Martin Khury, Ezequiel Coultier, Juan Murray.

HINDU (33): 1- Lucas Cvitanovic, 2- Francisco Fernández, 3- Lautaro Ezequiel Cornejo, 4- Juan Bautista De La Carcova, 5- Matheo Batalla, 6- Bautista Bergati, 7-Gregorio Ruzo, 8-Juan Cruz Poderti, 9- Bautista Díaz De La Vega, 10- Sebastián Amaya, 11- Juan Pablo Sferco, 12- Tobías Vidal, 13- Thiago Alejo Bidone, 14- Justo Kennard, 15- Marcos Fernandez.

Entered: Juan Mautino.

Trainers: Leandro Chiesa Guido Pinto Mariano Barreira Matías Iarre Alejandro Castelli Francisco Matheu

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5 ‘Try and conversion by Sebastián Amaya (H), 19’ Try by Federico Salinas converted by Marcos Harismendy (C), 29 ‘Try by Juan Cruz Poderti converted by Sebastián Amaya (H).

Partial result: ALMOST 7 – 14 HINDU

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 39 ‘Try by Juan Pablo Sferco (H), 47’ Try by Federico Salinas converted by Marcos Harismendy (C), 52 ‘Try by Lautaro Cornejo converted by Sebastián Amaya (H), 64’ Try by Tobías Vidal converted by Sebastián Amaya (H), 69 ‘Try by Federico Salinas (C).

Final result: ALMOST 19 – 33 HINDU

INCIDENTS: ST – 59 ‘yellow Bautista Díaz De La Vega (H).

REFEREE: Rafael Conti.

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