That the fourth place is for something

That the fourth place is for something

In three years there will be a new opportunity for those fourth places that will undoubtedly be able to use it as a motivational fire.

It has undoubtedly been a trend in these Olympic Games fourth place, but also throwing the word “failure” when there is no medal involved in the participation of the Mexican delegation.

“Olympic failure”! In a sport where not even close to a medal was expected! By? And if it was someone favorite to an Olympic medal, why does it have to be an “Olympic failure”?

Nor is it about demanding so much from high-performance athletes who gave their whole lives to be in the Olympic dream.

The famous fourth place. The “almost already” surely hurts the athlete more than the fan. Little do we know what it means to dream of some Olympic Games, the less we know what it is to yearn for a podium.

In Tokyo 2020 an Olympic medal in certain disciplines was expected from the Mexican delegation. Among those sports of course was what is historically strong for Mexico: the dives.

Carolina mendoza Y Dolores Hernandez they were left with the desire for the bronze medal in the synchronized three-meter dives. The trend for the male branch continued with Diego Balleza placeholder image Y Kevin Berlin which were also one step away from the podium. Gaby agúndez he also stayed with the famous four.

In archery, Alejandra Valencia was left with a new fourth place, but after winning the bronze medal with Luis “The Grandfather” Álvarez in mixed teams.

Finally we also saw Alexa moreno stay on the line of hanging a medal on Tokyo 2020, but with a memorable performance in a complicated discipline for Mexico. In addition, he left the country in a very high place.

But I keep the words of Paola Moran who, despite having deleted the message on his Twitter, defended his compatriots: “For all those people who comment ‘they are just going for a walk’ or things like that, NO! Have you ever been the best average in your classroom? Of his generation? Have they won any state, regional, world awards? ” Expressed the runner.

“No, we are not going to walk, no, we are not mediocre, we are going to COMPETE, to look for medals, for many reasons sometimes it is not achieved, but I assure you that all Mexicans representing the country seek to be on the podium and die on the ralla, court, pool to pursue that excellence, which many do not even want to seek on a personal level “

And you know what? Is right.

Obviously I am not an athlete, nor do I pretend to be, but for the same reason it is important how Morán takes a problem that athletes are experiencing with so much criticism and relates it to day-to-day issues. Less energy is spent supporting someone than criticizing them, believe me.

The fact that there is Mexican representation in any discipline at any level is a source of pride. The trajectory of Rommel pacheco goes hand in hand with that word and I add the example. He is an example of discipline, perseverance, and more than that, of love and passion for his sport. Let’s not stay with that that he did not win an Olympic medal, Mexico it left him much more than that.

In three years there will be a new opportunity for those fourth places that will undoubtedly be able to use it as a motivational fire and give it their all. Paris 2024.

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