There is no need to compare Marileidy Paulino to anyone

There is no need to compare Marileidy Paulino to anyone

Don Gregorio’s athlete marked Tokyo 2020 for the Dominicans and in the process earned her own place in the national sport

The feat of Marileidy paulino At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games it will be marked as one of the great displays of talent and improvement for an athlete from the Dominican Republic.

With just one year competing in the 400-meter modality, coming from other disciplines such as handball, his achievement takes on even more importance. It is a success story, but it is also a story of overcoming, perseverance and hope.

Marileidy became the first individual silver medalist, the first in athletics and also with her medal in the mixed relays, she is the first Dominican to get two medals in the same Olympic Games.

The Paulino thing is incredible and should fill the entire Dominican people with pride. But the achievements of other athletes as well. Each of these goals obtained have their particular situations, as well as their challenges and obstacles.

There is not the slightest need to be comparing one athlete with another. They all faced the best in the world. They all competed at the highest level.

Nor is it necessary to be asking for more athletes and fewer urban artists. Everyone is the product of their circumstances and everyone can be successful in their area if they put their mind to it.

This is not the time to bring medals from the past, and compare them with those of Tokyo. Needless to say, this athlete outperformed that one.

It is time to enjoy and recognize that Dominican Republic obtained its best participation in the Olympic Games with five medals, more than countries like Argentina and Mexico, which have more resources and more athletes.

It is time to recognize what has been achieved by Marileidy, Zacarías, Crismery, the Baseball National Team, the mixed relay team and all the athletes who participated and did their best in Tokyo. It is fair and what the moment demands.

Marileidy returns to the country this Wednesday, as most athletes will continue to arrive this week. Let’s receive them as they deserve.

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