What changes the sport? We have been asking for it for years

What changes the sport?  We have been asking for it for years

Four bronze medals, 80th place in the world delegations. It seems to me that Mexican sports failed once again.

Ladies and gentlemen … The most important of the Olympic Games It was the effort and courage that the Japanese put in so that in the midst of a pandemic and affected as a country, they suspended the fair one year and continue it later even in the midst of a health crisis, with difficulties, without an audience in the stands, which returned cold, ice cream these games.

But the colors were put by the athletes on the track and in the pool, there world records were set, in the two pillars of the Olympic Games, swimming and athletics.

There is no fourth place there, a “I want the bronze medal because my partner won it”, no! They are only the first three places.

The “fourth place” is a smokescreen to tell the public that that place is significant. They do compete, but they don’t get where they need to go, the International Olympic Committee It only awards the first, second and third.

If we can get the IOC to change its rule and award the fourth, fifth, sixth, ninth or tenth; then we could get more medals, but not right now.

Those fourth places were almost all in dives, I did not see one in marathon, marching, athletics, track, field, pool. Therefore, it seems to me that Mexican sport failed once again.

Four medals for a country of 120 million inhabitants, do we not have skaters like the ones that China, the United States or Japan took? In the streets of Mexico We see them constantly under bridges. Don’t we have the ability to put together a good professional baseball team instead of sending one who made a fool of himself by losing to Israel?

What changes the sport? But we have been asking for this to happen for years, but it doesn’t change. Invented the CONADE, a High Performance Center was made for athletes with all the guarantees, equipment, devices, and there it is.

The worst thing of all is to put in the CONADE to an ex-athlete, even if he has succeeded, he does not have the talent or the gray matter, they are not administrators, or creative. Mexican sport must be sold as a product, as Spain did in its Olympic Games, as Australia did in their games. That is why these countries have grown.

Why not put a manager alongside great salespeople and marketers? People who sell sport by sport. There are entrepreneurs, who have a lot of money over them, that the Government is the rector nothing more, that they do not put their hand. Let the rules change, invent others, because it is always the same.

Four bronze medals, miserable. 80th place in the delegations of the world.

But all always thinking that we are going to win gold in soccer, and what about the others? Isn’t the weightlifter just as important as the one who scored a goal for Mexico? Do youAlexa moreno did not make an effort and declare that he had bought his devices to continue training?

Mexican sports are run with their feet, with political interests, with disorder, with envy. The federations are a ball of corrupt, and the Mexican Olympic Committee can not reach because there is the CONADE, it has to be handled differently.

That depends on who it is, but the CONADE It must be handled with expert people, with sports promoters who sell to Mexican athletes, who sell their shares to businessmen who have money and can spend it to support the sport.

How is it possible that a baseball team like the one that went to Tokyo 2020 Dress up as the Tomateros de Culiacán and take a photo in front of the Olympic rings? They are sacred and untouchable for the Olympic Committee.

How is it possible that we send a softball team with girls who were born in the United States and Mexican parents, who played representing Mexico and threw the uniforms in the trash?

Mexican sport has been badly managed for a long time.

An athlete cannot be at the forefront of Mexican sports. They must be entrepreneurs, people who know how to sell the athlete, who offers a product to support Mexican sports. That the government no longer spend, the government has other priorities.

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