Charles Fernández: “We are here to inspire people and set an example for generations”

Charles Fernández: "We are here to inspire people and set an example for generations"

The Guatemalan pentathlete ranked 27th in the Tokyo Olympic Games as the best Latin American and was received in a caravan on his return to the country

GUATEMALA CITY – The Pentathlete Charles Fernandez was the last of the delegation of Guatemala that had action in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and completed the event in 27th place in the general classification as the best Latin American with 1,346 points, placing himself among the Top 10 of the swimming disciplines and the combined shooting and running disciplines. A fall in the equestrian test affected his score.

With 25 years, Charles Fernandez He was present at his second Olympic event (Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020), being in charge of carrying the Guatemalan flag at the closing ceremony last Sunday morning.

Upon arrival in the country, Charles Fernandez He was received with a caravan that toured the streets of the country and then offered a press conference, where he thanked all the support he received and confessed that he seeks to leave an impact on generations to practice sports and represent Guatemala.

“Thanks to everyone who has been through thick and thin. For believing in me, for believing in something more than results and that is the passion we live for Guatemala and our people. I am not going to lie, these Olympic Games have not been the best for me, it may be one of the worst competitions in my life, but it has been one of the best in terms of overcoming the challenges that arose.”, Said the pentathlete who presented complications in the fencing and equestrian events, while in swimming, running and shooting he stood out in the first 10 places.

“This only goes to show me that even though there are obstacles or stumbles, that does not mean that we are going to keep our heads down, we are always going to raise our heads up because we live with a purpose much more than a result. We are here to set an example for the generations that follow us. I have always focused on what he represented right now to inspire people who are around me”.

Charles Fernández was one of the 24 athletes who were part of the Guatemalan delegation at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and together with his coach Marian Gheorghe, they were received this August 10 by family members and staff of the National Modern Pentathlon Association of Guatemala. .

We have the ability to achieve great things and that is why it is important to live a life that impacts the people around us.. We were a team of 24 athletes who traveled to Tokyo to represent Guatemala in the most dignified way in the different disciplines and as a team we celebrate the victories and defeats, because united we can excel. I thank Guatemala, the people who have believed in me, my family, coaches and the Olympic Committee, not only for the result achieved, but also for the impact we have had on the people of Guatemala, ”said Fernández.

Finally, Charles Fernández, who practices the modern pentathlon, is also a missionary, made an appeal to the general population. “I challenge the people of Guatemala to move forward for a better future and show the world that we are worth gold. Here we are to put the name of Guatemala at the top”.

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