Chihuas Rodríguez will seek to dethrone Kazuto Ioka in Japan

El Chihuas Rodríguez buscará destronar a Kazuto Ioka en Japón

The Mexican Francisco “Chihuas” Rodríguez, will seek to snatch the super fly championship of the World Boxing Organization to japanese Kazuto Ioka next September 1 at the General Gym of the City of Ota in Tokyo.

It should be remembered that the Mexican already has experience fighting against Japanese, since in 2014 he defeated Katsunari takayama, to unify titles in minimum weight. The Chihuas he was monarch of the OMB, while Takayama he was the champion of the FIB.

Chihuas Rodríguez, who has his concentration camp in the Otomí Ceremonial Center, in the Mexico state, He will travel to Asian lands at the end of August to carry out his commitment.

“I am happy to go to Japan and fight for a championship, “he said. “And we have established the work plan to follow on this occasion, with which I trust to achieve the best results,” he told him. Coahuila newspaper


The Mexican boxer has a record of 34 wins and 4 losses, with 24 knockouts and a draw. Meanwhile, Kazuto Ioka He has a record of 26 wins, 2 losses and 15 knockouts. Ioka is one of the greatest exponents of Japanese boxing, with titles in four different divisions. Comes off a high profile victory over his compatriot Kosei tanaka, who in turn, was champion in three different weights.

The race of Ioka it was tarnished. This, after the Japanese boxing authorities released a positive from the boxer when they found traces of marijuana in his urine. The police were notified of this situation and there was chaos in that country. Finally, the amount detected was not illegal and was not considered doping.

“I separate (the scandal) from the essence of the box. I want to show my class as a champion ”, said the Chihuas Rodriguez at an online press conference.

WBO ordered the fight between Kazuto Ioka and Chihuas Rodríguez

Last June, World Boxing Organization sent the request to Ioka, to defend his title against Chihuas Rodriguez.

The agency gave them 30 days to agree with. all possible negotiations, otherwise he would send it to auction, which did not happen.

Kazuto He has set a record in his country, since he has managed to be crowned in four different divisions, making him the favorite fighter for this battle.

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