Dan Biggar: “This was my last tour and it hurts because you know you won’t get another chance”

Dan Biggar: "This was my last tour and it hurts because you know you won't get another chance"

After what was the fall of the British & Irish Lions in the ante series South Africa, Dan Biggar wrote a column in Mail Online and confirmed that will not play the next tour with the British and Irish combined in 2025.

First of all, the opening gave the announcement: “I feel quite excited after this.. This was my last tour and it hurts because you know you won’t get another chance. These opportunities don’t come up often and we are very disappointed that we won the first match and then lost. The locker room was very quiet after the game. You couldn’t write it, could you? Morné Steyn kicking the penalty to win it again. The boys joked that the winner will kick when he is 49 years old, “he said.

At the same time, Biggar added a reveal of Alun Wyn Jones’ talk after the last match: “After the game, Alun Wyn Jones spoke very well and told the guys that the next tour, to go and destroy them. I will be watching it on TV in 2025, so I am heartbroken that I can’t win,” he added.

Regarding the match, the series and his personal performance, the Welshman assured: “Regardless of the result, becoming a Lion and starting all three games is very special. Obviously, it is better if you win it, but I will remember everything with pride, “he added.

What’s more, the back referred to the words of Warren Gatland in the locker room after the fall“He told us to be angry and disappointed for a couple of hours, but to meet up and have a beer. This group will never be together again, so we have to bond with each other,” he said.

Lastly, Biggar revealed his idea for the future and highlighted Marcus Smith for the upcoming tour: “One thing I’ll say is that I won’t play, I guarantee it.. I will probably work in the media. I’m sure some of the guys here will be involved. I’d be surprised if Marcus Smith and Adam Beard weren’t on the next team. As number 10, I can’t wait to see how Marcus’s career unfolds. He’s a great kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alun Wyn Jones is gearing up for another tour too!“, closed the star of Wales.

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