Ivanisevic, on Djokovic: ” He became the best tennis player of all time ”

Ivanisevic, on Djokovic: '' He became the best tennis player of all time ''

It is always news for what it says. Goran ivanisevic, a former world number two and winner of Wimbledon in 2001, is the current coach of Serbian Novak Djokovic, monarch of the ATP ranking. True to his explosive and blunt style, the Croatian again gave the note by making some statements in which he assured that “If Djokovic wins the US Open and gathers all four Grand Slams in the same year, he will enter into immortality.”.

Ivanisevic, who knew how to win 22 titles on the circuit, was filled with praise for the Balkan tennis player and also referred to the Big 3. ”Novak appeared at the top of world tennis after Federer and Nadal, when they had already won a large number of fans. Then a Balkan man came along and screwed up all his accounts. Novak says what he thinks and many don’t like it. He speaks five languages, is extremely intelligent, cares about everything and has his own way of life. Some like the way you eat, some don’t like it, some laugh at the meditation you are engaged in, while fully believing in it. I admire him. I look at him in the morning when he practices yoga for an hour and a half, in an indescribable and fascinating way. ” half Croatian Vecernji.

In addition, he spoke of the controversial performance of the Serbian in Tokyo 2020 where he could not achieve the long-awaited gold medal: ” It seems to me that it is not desirable to have an opinion today. The world should be going for the better, but we are going in the opposite direction. If in the 21st century you can’t speak your mind, it’s a disaster. Novak does not fit into that western, a mold in which everything is ordered. He came from the Balkans where nothing is fixed and he conquered them all. He killed everything they have done so far and became the greatest tennis player of all time. It will soon be statistically proven and of course many don’t love it. ”

Finally, he referred to the possibility that the current world number one manages to conquer the Grand slam in the same season. ” I am part of a team that writes history. If Djokovic wins the US Open this year and gathers all four Grand Slams in the same year, he enters immortality, the rank of Rod Laver, although it is much more difficult to achieve such success in the 21st century than in Laver’s time when it was not easy for him. Five or six years ago no one could have imagined that Novak would be in a position to perform this historic feat. ”

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