Julián Domínguez and Tomás de la Vega, in the ideal teams of the MLR

Julián Domínguez and Tomás de la Vega, in the ideal teams of the MLR

The Major League Rugby concluded with LA Giltinis being crowned champion after beating Atlanta Rugby, the team where Bautista Ezcurra plays, in the final, and the league announced the ideal tournament teams.

In the best XV there is an Argentine: Julian Dominguez. The wing who played last season at NOLA Gold was dispatched with a total of nine tries in the tournament, just two behind DTH van der Merwe, leader of the table in the contest.

In turn, in the second team of the MLR another albiceleste player was chosen: Tomás de la Vega, Toronto Arrows third line. For its part, the tournament organization chose to select another 15 professionals due to their excellent tournaments to make up the team. Honorable mention. Among the members is the former Newman Benjamin Bonasso.

The XV ideals of the MLR:

1st Team:

1- Chance Wenglewski (Atlanta Rugby)
2- Sama Malolo (Utah Warriors)
3- Dino Waldren (NOLA Gold)
4- Nate Brakeley (Rugby United New York)
5- Johan Momsen (Atlanta Rugby)
6- Angus Cotrell (LA Giltinis)
7- Lucas Rumball (Toronto Arrows)
8- Wian Conradie (New England Free Jacks)
9- Harrison Goddard (LA Giltinis)
10- Matt Giteau (LA Giltinis)
11- DTH van der Merwe (LA Giltinis)
12- Billy Meakes (LA Giltinis)
13- Ben LeSage (Toronto Arrows)
14- Julián Domínguez (NOLA Gold)
15- Mikey Te’o (Utah Warriors)

2nd Team:

1- JP Smith (LA Giltinis)
2- Dylan Fawsitt (Rugby United New York)
3- Angus MacLellan (Utah Warriors)
4- Aston Fortuin (Utah Warriors)
5- Dave Dennis (LA Giltinis)
6- Tomás de la Vega (Toronto Arrows)
7- Joe Johnston (New England Free Jacks)
8- Jason Damm (Atlanta Rugby)
9- Andy Ellis (Rugby United New York)
10- Jason Robertson (Old Glory DC)
11- Bjorn Basson (San Diego Legion)
12- Marko O’Keeffe (Atlanta Rugby)
13- Adam Ashley-Cooper (LA Giltinis)
14- Paula Balekana (Houston SaberCats)
15- Ben Foden (Rugby United New York)

Honorable Mention:

1- Jamie Mackintosh (Austin Gilgronis)
2- Michelangelo Sosene-Feagai (Old Glory DC)
3- Charlie Abel (LA Giltinis)
4- Rhyno Herbst (Seattle Seawolves)
5- Nathan Den Hoedt (LA Giltinis)
6- Benjamin Bonasso (Rugby United New York)
7- Bailey Watson (Utah Warriors)
8- Cam Dolan (NOLA Gold)
9- Michael Baska (Utah Warriors)
10- Dan Hollinshead (Rugby United New York)
11- Mika Kruse (Utah Warriors)
12- JP de Plessis (NOLA Gold)
13- Bryce Campbell (Austin Gilgronis)
14- Jeremy Misailegalu (Atlanta Rugby)
15- Beaudein Waaka (New England Free Jacks)

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