President of the WBA assures that they will reduce their number of championships


Gilberto mendoza, president of the World Boxing Association (WBA), assured that they will reduce their number of championships.

As reported by the journalist Salvador Rodriguez of ESPN, Mendoza He explained how he will give a greater organization to the monarchs of the entity that he presides. Mendoza ensures that in their body they will no longer have three champions per division as before, that there was an interim champion, a regular and a super champion. Now, according to the leader, there will only be two.

“We will reduce titles permanently,” explained the head of the AMB. “That flexibility that we have had with the championships, we will gradually eliminate it. I will focus on the fact that there may no longer be multiple champions (in a single division). That’s something fans have asked for. I feel like we provide more opportunities by having multiple titles, but I understand that fans are important. I said it before on many occasions, and I could not keep my promise ”.

The statements of Mendoza They arrive just at the moment when the body is going through another credibility crisis. This, after the judge Gloria Martinez Rizzo, which has a close relationship with the AMB, gave a controversial card 117-110 in favor of Gabriel Maestre about Mykal Fox. Subsequently, the judge was found various tweets with racist offenses towards American politicians.

Gilbertico Mendoza, president of the AMB.

The difficulties of the WBA to reduce its number of championships

Gilberto mendoza gave an account of the impediments to ordering the scepters of the AMB relatively quickly.

“I’ll do it now,” he promised Mendoza. “I say it with my feet on the ground and after evaluating the finances, after evaluating the situation and all the controversies.”

“In addition, this measure will also make things easier, from a legal point of view. I am not saying that I have only one champion left, but that is how I am going to operate most of the divisions, ”he said.

“It is a difficult plan,” said the president of the AMB. “I hope we can start with it in October. I don’t know how long it will take. I don’t know which category will phase out the interim champions and in what category we will eliminate the regular or where the super champion will remain.

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