The Two Big Losers: Manny Pacquiao and the Boxing Fan

Manny Pacquiao

The boxing match between Manny pacquiao Y Errol spence, which was scheduled for next August 21, was canceled after Spence will not pass a medical check-up.

The American will have to undergo surgery as soon as possible, and it will be the Cuban Yordenis Ugás who has to go up to the ring against Pacquiao, replacing Spence.

The news was an ice cold bath for boxing fans, who were already less than two weeks away from the fight. And in this story, there are two big losers.

The big loser is Manny Pacquiao

The 42-year-old warrior had no need. He has won everything, he has lived and suffered everything. Nothing in the world is alien to him. He has a promising political future in his country, and is the subject of a national idolatry that could lead him to become the next president of the Philippines.

Manny pacquiao he had no need to go through this. To undergo a training regimen again. Running in the mornings, straining your abs, sparring, going back to the gym.

On December 8, 2012, he traveled in one fell swoop to the world of unconsciousness. In the weeks that followed, everyone rummaged through the videos for any statement of Manny to look for the ravages of that fist that gave him Juan Manuel Marquez. Doctors thirsty for attention came to light to say that in Pacquiao they saw prequels of Parkinson’s.

Among so many lies, something of the truth was appearing: Manny pacquiao he didn’t need to risk his life in a boxing ring anymore. He had won it all, and gifted us with the most unthinkable and improbable feats. That’s it: he owed us nothing.

But he did owe something more to himself: he owed one more night of glory and epic. He turned down a fight with Mikey Garcia, because I wanted one last night at the top. I wanted a fight with the best.

Negotiated and signed a fight with Terence crawford, but fell when a Middle Eastern mogul withdrew an offer to finance the fight venue.

Manny pacquiaoThen he looked the other way, towards the other great welterweight of boxing: Errol spence. He negotiated, signed and closed a fight. He prepared like never before. But the fight fell 12 days before stepping into the ring.

Yordenis Ugás It is not Errol spence. The night that Manny pacquiao had dreamed and prepared for his last tango in boxing has been somewhat washed out. UgasAs talented as an Olympic medalist and undeniably capable fighter may have, it is not the crown for which a king wants to risk his empire.

That clash of civilizations was that of Pacquiao against Spence. The 42-year-old warrior prepared, trained and dressed to step out into an arena where an empire is no longer at stake. His last battle is no longer how he dreamed it. Now he will have to plan it to be the penultimate battle, and go through everything that has already happened again.

The other big loser is the amateur

What the boxing fan has had to endure in 2021 was somewhat removed from the optimistic outlook that was anticipated when boxing returned to activity after the first peak of Covid 19. Si bi in boxing resumed with great inertia, little by little lost the moment.

Boxing needed definitions. It was necessary to define things in the heavy, in the welterweight, in the super medium, in the super lightweight, in the light, in the super welterweight. And only the super lightweight could deliver us an undisputed champion in the figure of Josh taylor.

In super welterweight, a delusional judge deprived us of the satisfaction of seeing a single fighter win all four belts by scoring a card from another fight and from another night. Thus, the encounter between Jermell charlo Y Brian Castaño it ended in a tie; we are left without an undisputed champion; and boxing, again, without definitions.

In the heavy, a long negotiation between Tyson fury Y Anthony Joshua an agreement was reached to put into play the four belts of the highest category. An agreement that lasted a blink of an eye. A legal process succeeded in thwarting that plan, and ordered that Fury I had to fight for the third time against Deontay Wilder. But Fury contracted coronavirus, and the third fight with Wilder was postponed. And with it, time dragged the expected definition between Joshua Y Fury. Again, boxing ran out of definitions; and the amateur, without what corresponds to him.

And so, in the light, the four princes still refused to fight each other. We see to Teofimo Lopez enter stardom with a victory over Lomachenko on October 17, 2020. We saw it that time, and we haven’t seen it again. Disagreements with Top rank, coronavirus, and the lack of interest in going to fight in Australia, most likely, has deprived us for a full year of seeing Teofimo Lopez.

At 168 pounds, the verve with which he Canelo he started sweeping the division had him fight three times in six months, and win three belts along the way. But then, to put together the last piece of the super-midsize puzzle, he unnecessarily dragged out a negotiation with the team of Caleb Plant which ended up torpedoing the September date. And we do not know how long we will have that definition in the super middleweight.

In welterweight, Terence crawford Y Errol spence they engaged in a duel of foolishness. The duel, of course when it comes to nonsense, still does not find a winner. Spence He looked away and found a Manny pacquiao willing to fight.

To the fans, their souls were lit. Seeing the legendary warrior donning his armor to go out to fight one last time was the perfect recipe to fuel a heroic narrative. There was no one who was left without rubbing their hands.

The fight of Manny pacquiao against Errol spence it was a juicy consolation prize for boxing fans who craved welterweight finishes. But it was also for those casual fans who can’t name three welterweight but can name Manny Pacquiao.

And now, we don’t have that either. As the cliché dictates, fate played a cruel trick on us. 12 days after the fight, in a routine checkup, to Errol spence They found a dangerous lesion in the retina of the eye and requires surgery.

The fight fell apart. And now, it is the hobbyist who also requires surgery: one to mend a heart that has been broken.

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