Lionel Messi and the crazy world of Ibai Llanos

Lionel Messi and the crazy world of Ibai Llanos

Lionel Messi was officially presented this Wednesday as a reinforcement of Paris Saint-Germain and everyone in Argentina ended up watching the end of the party on the Twicht channel of Ibai Llanos.

Who is Ibai Llanos? I should go back to the beginning of 2020, a day that Agustín Bruzos, today 23 years old, shook me with the cry of “you have to meet this” fat “crack”.

Well, basically Ibai is that, a crack guy. That character who ends up in the best place and at the best time and we all wonder how he did it. An aspiring journalist / rapporteur, turned into an original content creator of his own and pampered by the soccer elite, addicted to online games. He has interviewed the greatest Spanish athletes on his broadcast channels, while playing with Agüero and the Belgian Courtois online or playing a joke on Sergio Ramos. All with the same humorous tone, simple, without folds …

But a few days ago, this gigantic story began to be cooked, when Kun Agüero took Ibai himself and an Argentine colleague who was visiting his house by surprise to Messi’s farewell dinner, Coscu (Martín Pérez Disalvo, for the steps border). By now everyone will have read what happened there (or seen the posts in the different networks of Ibai himself).

It turns out that from the commotion (and obviously with the intention of reaching an audience that sports networks do not appear) Ibai was invited to experience Leo’s presentation at PSG and tell it live on their broadcast channels. And what did Don Llanos do? Instead of sending a Head of Editor, and some star producer on duty, he went with two lifelong friends to live the party that Messi unleashed in Paris. Do you understand why he gets the best portion?

Sharing a set with the most important sports networks in the world, next to the lawn of the Park of the Princes, Ibai was waiting with his friends and in the preview of his live delivery, he crossed impressions with the journalist of Espn Christian Martin.

There they talked about food, how cold it is in Paris unlike in Barcelona, ​​but when push comes to shove, Leo summoned the Spanish streamer to give him an exclusive, which any chain would have gladly paid for, but which Ibai achieved by dint of originality, education and, above all, without forcing situations or abusing dominant positions.

The first question from the Spaniard was for him to tell if he had behaved well at home … A smiling, relaxed and intimate Leo quickly entered his game. And he also left her a stick, “what am I going to add if you tell everything?” And they both laughed out loud …

Then he spoke of being exhausted after these two intense days: “They take you from one place to another. You are doing things … You don’t stop. Many interviews, one after another and what I want is to train, play … But happy “, and the emotional ups and downs of the last weeks, which implied leaving Barcelona and arriving in Paris:” We went from sadness to joy in a couple of days but now we are happy about this new beginning, about my arrival, how everything was … So enjoying, but waiting for him to finish and start training. “

For the most soccer players, there was a space, when Ibai Llanos named him the offensive trident that PSG will have this season, made up of Neymar, Mbappé and Leo himself: “The truth is that Paris has an impressive number of players, a spectacular dressing room , so nothing … enjoying and more willing than ever to take the step to make it happen “.

He also signed two shirts with 30 already stamped for Ibai to raffle among his followers, and ended with a hug that had more of friends, than interviewer-interviewer.

After the note was finished, Ibai kept him alive and part of his interview for Espn could be seen, but also how Messi -after kissing and lovingly hugging his wife Antonella- went out with his three children, all dressed as PSG, to rally on one of the arches of the Stadium.

Immediately the order came to stop recording, which was complied with by the Ibai Llanos team, who said goodbye to their followers hugging their friends, with the dream fulfilled. But not his own, but that of many kids who do not care how Messi lives, but plays the ball well.

Before Messi had given a conference, where the main chains of the world had up to three questions. Well, Ibai made it almost ten.


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