Lionel Messi, in his official presentation at PSG: “I want to keep winning and that’s why I come to this club that is ambitious”

Lionel Messi, in his official presentation at PSG: "I want to keep winning and that's why I come to this club that is ambitious"

Lionel Messi is officially presented this Wednesday as a reinforcement of Paris Saint-Germain.

Leo appeared in the corridors of the Paris club dressed in a suit, accompanied by his three children with the PSG jersey.

“I am very proud, it is a historic day for the world and for the club. Everyone knows Messi, he has given him his magic, football is beautiful thanks to him. This is a huge illusion for PSG fans and for him. whole world, “said Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the club president to introduce it.

Here are the best phrases of Lionel Messi in his first press conference:

“I am very happy. Everyone knows about my departure from Barcelona, ​​which was very hard because it is many years and change is difficult after so long. But arriving here gives me enormous happiness, I am very much looking forward to it, I am very excited. I want you to This happens quickly to start training. I am looking forward to meeting my teammates, the coaching staff and starting this new stage. I want to thank the president, the whole club, how they made themselves available, how fast and easy everything was to fix us I want to thank the deal. I have the intact desire to continue winning and that is why I come to this club that is ambitious. My goal is to continue growing, to continue winning titles and for that I come to this club. I want to thank the people of Paris, my Arrival was crazy. I’m sure we’re going to really enjoy this time together. “

“It is crazy to be able to share the day to day with this squad that has great players in all its lines. I am very excited to start competing because I am going to do it with the best.”

“What happened to me this week was hard and exciting at the same time. I am excited about this new life that we have to live, me in sports. I went through different feelings this week, I assimilated them little by little.”

“I am very grateful to the people. It was crazy. I was in Barcelona and people were already outside, as if I was traveling. We will have a lot of time to have contact and we will enjoy it a lot. I hope it will be an extraordinary year.” .

“Winning the Champions League is not easy, you can have the best team in the world and not win. This is football and the small details can leave you out. PSG was very close having a great team and they could not achieve it. It is a competition in the The best are there. You have to be a united group and a little bit of luck too. The best doesn’t always win, anyway. “

“I come to a team that is done, beyond the important signings. I come to help, give myself to the maximum. I am very excited and more willing than ever. My dream is to raise a Champions League again and I arrived at the ideal place to be able to achieve it “.

“PSG and I were looking for the same goals when we were apart … hopefully now we get stronger.”

“Before I left Barcelona I told the fans that I would always be grateful. That is my home, I was there since I was little. They knew I was going to come to a strong team because they know me. I like to win, I am a winner and PSG has that goal: to win the Champions League. It’s going to be nice to go back to Barcelona, ​​hopefully with people. It would be strange to go back there to play against them, but this is football. “

“Unlike the one who was in the Newell’s fields, I grew a lot as an athlete and as a person, many good things and bad things happened to me. But I have the same illusion as when I was a baby. I will try everything to win and achieve my goals. “.

“The dressing room and the coaching staff greatly influenced my decision to come. Being Argentine like Pochettino makes everything easier too, we talked and everything was very good from the beginning.

“I hope my family can be well and adapt quickly. For me it is a new experience but I am prepared. I have colleagues and friends in the dressing room who will help me. I am very excited, very happy. I want to go to train, play and start “.

“Marco Verratti has been showing that he is a great player, we wanted him in Barcelona but today we have to do it the other way around, I am here to play with him. He is a phenomenon, also as a person. Not only Marco, they are the best in the world who they are here, hopefully I can add “.

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