Lionel Messi: “The dressing room and the coaching staff greatly influenced my decision”

Lionel Messi: "The dressing room and the coaching staff greatly influenced my decision"

Although he arrived at a new club, Lionel Messi will begin his cycle at PSG surrounded by friends and in an environment where he will feel at ease. It is that not only will he have companions with whom he shares moments off the courts such as Neymar, Ángel Di María and Leandro Paredes, but the coach is Mauricio Pochettino, another Argentine and with origin in Newell’s Old Boys, as well as the captain of the Argentine national team

“The dressing room and the coaching staff greatly influenced my decision to come. Being Argentine like Pochettino makes everything easier too.We talked and everything was very good from the beginning, “Messi said at the press conference of his presentation as a brand-new signing for the Parisian club. And he added:” On a personal level, it’s a dressing room that I know. From what is seen from the outside, a very healthy group. An Argentine coaching staff … was not going to be better anywhere else. The objective of the Champions would be extraordinary “.

Friendship with some of his new teammates will be useful to Messi not only to understand each other faster and easier when playing, but to solve extra-sports issues. “I start training tomorrow (Thursday). My family goes back to Barcelona to accommodate everything. I don’t know when I’m going to play, I come from the holidays but when I am I will start. Talk to Fideo, Lean and Ney about where to live and where they can go to school the kids, “explained the Argentine star.

The great pending account of PSG is to win the UEFA Champions League. The incorporation of Messi may be essential to achieve it, but the Argentine warned of the difficulty of that objective: “Winning the Champions League is not easy, you can have the best team in the world and not win. This is football and the little details can leave you out. PSG was very close having a great team and could not achieve it. It is a competition in which the best are. You have to be a united group and a little bit of luck too. The best doesn’t always win, too. “

Anyway, Messi did not hide his illusion of winning again the club tournament is the most important in Europe: “I come to a team that is made, beyond the important signings. I come to help, give myself to the maximum. I have a lot of illusion and more desire than ever. My dream is to raise a Champions League again and I came to the ideal place to be able to achieve it “.

After some seasons in which Messi showed his dissatisfaction with some Barcelona incorporations, Leo highlighted the quality of the PSG squad: “It’s crazy to be able to share the day-to-day with this squad that has great players in all its lines. I have a lot of them. illusion of starting to compete because I am going to do it with the best “.

And Messi especially highlighted Marco Verratti, one of his new teammates: “He has shown that he is a great player, we wanted him in Barcelona but today we have to do it the other way around, I am here to play with him. It is a phenomenon, also as a person. Not only Marco, they are the best in the world who are here, I hope I can add “.

Messi’s adventure at PSG began. For the first time in his professional career, the Argentine star will wear the shirt of a club other than Barcelona. The quality and talent with which he will be surrounded in his new team awakens the illusion of Leo fans and football in general.

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