This is how they received Yordenis Ugás in the gym knowing that he will be Pacquiao’s next rival

Así recibieron a Yordenis Ugás en gimnasio al saber que será próximo rival de Pacquiao

Yordenis Ugás, who will enter the remove to face Manny pacquiao, after the injury of Errol spence, was received in a more than emotional way by his gym mates, who cheered him and congratulated him on the news of his fight with the Filipino.

The Cuban fighter published a video on his social networks where he documents the emotional moment he lived when he arrived at the gym Boxing Academy Rooms, of Ismael Salas, where he trains in Las Vegas. This, after knowing the news that it would be him, and not Errol spence, who will fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Ugas was received with applause and ovations, by the fighters who were present and recording with their cell phones. Ugas He went straight to where his coach was, the also Cuban, Ismael Salas, with whom he melted into a hug.

“Yesterday when I got to the gym after the news of the fight (against Pacquiao) all the boys were excited. Everyone respects me and knows my story, which has not been easy. I have tried to be an example for the young fighters in my gym. With hard work all dreams are possible. I came back 15-3 ″, posted Ugas next to the video.

Yordenis Ugás and his golden opportunity against Pacquiao

And the ovation that he received Yordenis Ugás in the gym it’s because everyone knows what a fight with Manny pacquiao. It is having access to a golden opportunity, not only for your own sports history, but also to an economic bag that changes lives.

The Cuban, welterweight champion of the AMB will have the chance of a lifetime when faced with Manny pacquiao, something that if I had told you a week ago you would not have believed it.

“I have complained a lot at home in the last year about health problems. However, no health problems have gotten me out of any fight. Sorry for complaining. Look Spence, (he) had the biggest fight of his career and is coming out with an eye injury, ”the boxer wrote on his Twitter account.

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