Where to watch the Vergil Ortíz vs Egidijus Kavaliauskas fight, on which channel and at what time

Dónde ver la pelea de Vergil Ortíz vs Egidijus Kavaliauskas, en qué canal y a qué hora

This Saturday August 14 will be the fight of Vergil Ortíz vs Egidijus Kavaliauskas and here in the Box Billboard we tell you where to watch the fight, on what channel and at what time.

Vergil Ortíz will have in Egidijus Kavaliauskas to a tough and seasoned rival in the Ford Center at The Star, from Frisco, Texas.

The Lithuanian arrives with the antecedent of having given a competitive fight in December 2019 against Terence crawford, whom he forced to bring out all his talent to achieve victory. Kavaliauskas, even went so far as to make Crawford put one knee on the mat, but the referee did not call it a fall.

For that antecedent, Vergil Ortíz He thinks that the Lithuanian is a difficult opponent, but that he will prove his worth in the ring.

“I always said that I was here to face the most difficult challenges to prove my worth,” he said at a conference. Egis is a very strong opponent, and a win over him would leave no doubt that I am ready for a world title fight right away. It won’t be easy, but that’s the point. The fans are going to enjoy this one. “

Meanwhile, Kavaliauskas 32-year-old assured that the fight will be a real war for having two very fierce fighters.

“The fans have been asking for this fight and we are going to give it to them,” he said. “So, mark your calendar and have your popcorn ready. A war is coming ”.

Vergil Ortíz think your fight against Kavaliauskas will serve to measure indirectly with Terence Crawford, It is a rival that both will have in common.

So here we tell you where to watch the Vergil Ortiz vs Kavaliauskas fight, on which channel and at what time.

Vergil Ortiz vs Kavaliauskas fight is exclusive to DAZN

The battle between the American and the Lithuanian will only be able to be seen by the platform of DAZN. The billboard will start at 7 pm, Central Mexico time; as for Argentina it will be at 9 pm. For US territory it will begin at 8 pm ET.

Remember that you can subscribe to DAZN throughout Latin America for less than $ 3 a month. Subscribe here.

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