A constellation: the possible eleven of PSG, with Lionel Messi

A constellation: the possible eleven of PSG, with Lionel Messi

It seems a complete incoherence, but Mauricio Pochettino will not have an easy task. Because in football, the sum of stars does not always form a luminous constellation. The job of the coach PSG You need to be precise and meticulous, because pooling talents without a clear collective idea can help you win a game or get around a particular circumstance, but it is not enough to win tournaments or long-term success.

No other establishment of this time (and perhaps of other times) has the individualities of the Parisian painting. Of that there is no doubt. There is quantity and quality in all lines. There are footballers to play with any system, in any way. Anyway, it is clear that PSG will be a team that will propose, that will impose conditions, which will seek to gain by own weight. It is not necessary to delve too deeply into the analysis to affirm this. That would happen without Lionel Messi and with him it will be even more evident.

The question to be resolved by the coaching staff led by the Santa Fe is how to form an eleven that enhances the virtues of its stars and at the same time is as compensated as necessary to win matches. Nobody expects PSG to be a rocky team in defense, but to have a structure capable of sustaining the attackers’ game. That Messi, Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbappé have the necessary freedom to do what is expected of them, which is a lot.

Pochettino plays with line four in the background, the scheme that best suits him and he knows the most about the brand new number 30. In Barcelona, ​​two of his most remembered companies were with Daniel Alves and Jordi Alba, leading scorers. Therefore, the eyes are on the candidates to fill those positions. The one that is clearer is the law.

The signing of Achraf hakimi He had been the one who aroused the most expectations from football to the stellar arrival of Leo. The Moroccan, one of the best full-backs in the world, already demonstrated on the first round of Ligue 1 how valuable your contribution can be on offense. Parisian fans clasp their hands imagining the walls between the exInter and the exBarcelona.

However, on the left the situation is not so clear. Juan Bernat starts with an advantage, but due to physical problems it could never finish consolidating. He was in the Barça folder on more than one occasion and, due to technical qualities, It is not difficult to think that he will be able to get along well with the Rosario star. The other candidate is Abdou Diallo, who played as a starter in the last Champions League but did not finish convincing.

The central duo will be Marquinhos-Sergio Ramos. That is to say, an absolute guarantee. Technique, personality, speed, character and presence. The Brazilian is the captain of the team and no one will take that leadership away from him. The Spanish came to empower him and to give him even more experience and hierarchy behind. With them, there will be assured solidity.

Behind them, as if an even more powerful guard were needed, there will be perhaps the best goalkeeper in Europe today and who is called to be the best in the world for several years. The champion of the Euro Gianluigi Donnarumma also arrived free at the Parc des Princes and will be the owner of an arch that he already had a real star in Keylor Navas. The opulence of PSG.

In the midfield is where the games are definedcoaches and analysts often say. In general terms, it is the area where the game is conceived and where the domain is disputed. And, although a team like this one from PSG sometimes can afford to do without crafting and retrieval to rest on the talent of his offensive weapons, Pochettino He knows that there too, there are many good variants there.

The headlines will depend on the idea of ​​each game, since the scheme can vary from a 4-3-3 to a kind of 4-2-4. Because making a hole for Messi will represent removing a midfielder. Marco Verratti, by characteristics and by ancestry, has his position assured. He can play as a central midfielder or as an interior, something he has done more in recent times. Georginio Wijnaldum arrived to add route, arrival to the rival area and driving in that area, while Leandro Paredes has already shown that he can be the central midfielder both his club and his National Team. All three start with an advantage, although Danilo Pereira can play more complicated games that require more muscle, the same as Idrissa Gueye.

In attack, the party in motion. The resurrection of society Ney-Leo and a third leg that keeps football lovers from all over the world sleepless. The trio that the two friends with Mbappé will form has no roof. It does not even matter too much how they will position themselves from the tactical point of view, because each one can fulfill any of the attack functions. They could be joined by Ángel Di María, another Messi’s crony who has also understood perfectly with the other two.

PSG has everything to mark an era. It only remains that the phenomena manage to form a great team.

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