Alexa Moreno will look for a reason to cycle to Paris 2024

Alexa Moreno will look for a reason to cycle to Paris 2024

The gymnast takes time off, where she will consider whether or not to do a new Olympic cycle.

Alexa moreno closed the cycle of Tokyo 2020 with fourth place in the horse jumping event, a few tenths away from having been on the podium in Japan. The gymnast is now in a rest period and exclusively for ESPN affirmed that in these he will look inside a reason to continue his career and cycle towards Paris 2024.

“I think you have to find a good reason or a goal that you really want to meet to do a new Olympic cycle, they have to be very clear objectives because it is not easy, and although the cycle is only three years long, it is to give yourself full, limit yourself in many things that you could be doing, it is sport and high performance, you will have to go to the gym twice a day, invest many hours, suffer injuries, you will have ups and downs, you will have good and bad competitions, maybe you will have to face many emotional problems; And already one with so many years of experience, you know what awaits you, and when you decide that you are going, you have to be very firm with yourself, convince yourself of what you want, stick with it and give everything to achieve it, it is a very complicated decision. “

“Deciding to face everything that comes does not mean that you will achieve a medal in the next Olympic Games Or that you will achieve what you are looking for, it may be better for you or it may be worse for you, that is why one has to be well decided and apart is not the same level, the generations that come down are also fighting and are leveling up and that too It implies giving everything to the preparation and stepping on the accelerator, for now I prefer not to focus on that. “

In case of retiring, Alexa moreno He hopes that his performances at the highest level will help gymnastics grow in Mexico and there will be more Aztec representatives in this discipline.

“I am very pleased to be able to leave something positive, to be able to transcend in a very positive way before the generations that come and inspire them, motivate them and leave them anything good, because I would like them to take it so that they can develop personally and that Mexico continues filling up with these stories full of success and that we can be a country full of good things, full of mop things, because the truth is that we have many capacities and sometimes we do not exploit them to the 100 because we think that we cannot be at the level. I believe that there is a lot to work on and I am very pleased to be able to be a small door towards that. “

Alexa moreno considers that Mexico can grow a lot in gymnastics and other disciplines as long as there is a clear and honest work plan.

“I believe that you need to have a vision more than anything, to have a vision of wanting to lead a gymnastics team, of wanting that presence to exist at the international level, that in truth we all think that it is possible and that there is a joint work, a teamwork to begin to have a system that works in which we can contribute positive things and together we can get there. I can say that individually it is very difficult, perhaps if we were less selfish or less fearful of not standing out with a thousand individuals we could reach higher. “

“It is very important to have a place to work, as an athlete to be able to develop to the fullest, we always appreciate that there is support from travel expenses or salaries, but they forget that gyms need maintenance and right now this situation is a bit sad, however, I think that All this is part of the vision, and when I say vision it has to be not only as athletes, that also includes coaches and those in charge of the Federation, those in charge of the infrastructure, they all need to want to lead a team to success. ” The gymnast affirmed for ESPN.

Finally, the Mexican asked for respect for the athletes who competed in Tokyo 2020 after the Mexican delegation only got four bronze medals.

“In general I think we did a very good job, we were fighting for the first places because there were many fourth places and a fourth place is not easy at all, it does not represent a medal, but it is not easy to be among the best eight in the world, it is nothing simple. Reach about Olympic Games It is a lot of work and many competitions to qualify, there are many people who were left behind and could not make it, for everyone it was very difficult and very complicated, many could not train for a long time, they did not have the facilities due to the pandemic, or they got sick, We did not have the opportunity to go out to camp, and despite that there were many Mexican athletes who were at the level of fighting among the highest. So, I think we did a good job and I think we have to congratulate and respect all the athletes. ” Ended Alexa moreno for ESPN.

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