Lionel Messi: his arrival at PSG and the firm goal of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Lionel Messi: his arrival at PSG and the firm goal of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The city of light once again shelters a unique genius in its entrails. There it goes Lionel messi to fill the streets of Paris with watercolors and colors. As the impressionists once painted in Montmartre, as the great geniuses of literature once wrote in the café Les Deux Magots, the most incredible soccer player in the world comes to bring life to one of the famous capitals of planet earth.

Like Leonardo Da Vinci when he dazzled the world after transferring La Gioconda from Italy to France in 1516, a work that rests in the Louvre Museum after the French Revolution of 1789, Messi proposes his own cultural revolution more than five centuries later. No brushes or pens. Without the hands, but with the feet. A ball and a number 30 behind him. Seduced by a postmodern monarch, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, but hoping to transform himself, why not, into the people’s player.

One for all, and all for Leo.

The first sword in all stadiums, in all teams, in all countries, has a new home. The world will turn, from this Saturday, differently. From Argentina to the world, the new version of Messi is underway.

The arrival of the star not only causes ecstasy throughout the world, but also positively impacts the Argentine National Team. The full happiness of the ten with the America’s Cup in their hands is still on everyone’s retina. The genuine joy, the weightless backpack, the discursive break of the serial haters from that moment and forever.

In addition to the world-class figures among which Gianluigi Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos, Marco Verratti, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé stand out, among other notable ones, Messi He will be a partner of Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi thinking about the World Cup in Qatar next year, the only outstanding account of the rosarino genius in his record without comparison.

Of that trio of fellow Albicelestes, only Icardi, among the possible outlets for PSG, was not part of Lionel Scaloni’s list in the continental title that ended with a 1-0 win over Brazil at the Maracana stadium. But beyond the affection, companionship or friendship in that triangle of stars, there is the game to be taken into account. The chemistry, so many times disparate between clubs and Selection in the world of football. Arriving oiled at the highest appointment in Qatar, is one of the premises for the strategic plan of the signing of the French club to find success.

Point against? Competitiveness in the domestic contest. Messi and company do not seem, a priori, to have opponents of rigor in the search for the title. But of course, the objective-club of La Pulga is on the continental plane, the UEFA Champions League, a tournament in which the Parisian club still looks like a virgin in history.

Messi put two clauses that accompany his intention of success with the Argentine National Team. The first is a priority to play for the national team in any type of match and / or commitment that may exist, whether official FIFA, but also charity or friendlies. And the second, the possibility that any member of the medical team of the Argentine National Team has access to all PSG facilities for rigorous consultations. It is clear that the Parisian giant will not have, against the national team, differences in treatment.

Argentina faces three important games in the South American Qualifiers in search of qualification for the next World Cup. They will play as a visitor against Venezuela (2/9) and Brazil (5/9), and at home against Bolivia (9/9).

Messi’s career has been, in terms of success, a simile of Julio Cortázar’s Hopscotch. Open your track record on whatever page is and be able to start telling the story without any problem. All pages the first page: innumerable titles in Barcelona, ​​records to distribute and surreal brands build a continuous success that invites you to project a future as fantastic as it is captivating.

Winning the Copa América has been much more than a title for Lio. It is the final goodbye to its previous version and the birth of a new skin. Leaving the boy from Barcelona behind to walk like a man in Paris. Unravel sterile thoughts and believe once again that everything is yet to be done. That the best is yet to come. Leader of a team that promises to be unforgettable, of a sport-art that aims to be a school, Messi’s goal is much more than a club.

The Qatar World Cup, then, now appears among the dreams that cannot be postponed.

With his magic, with his guide, with his football, here we go.

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