Tebas, president of LaLiga: “The departure of Messi from Barcelona hurt, but it was not because of this financial boost agreement”

Tebas, president of LaLiga: "The departure of Messi from Barcelona hurt, but it was not because of this financial boost agreement"

BARCELONA – LaLiga president Javier Tebas was perplexed by Barcelona’s position, blaming the agreement he has just confirmed with the financial CVC for the departure of Lionel Messi, noting that “I do not know Barça’s numbers and what he is doing to reduce his salary bill. But we are talking about more than 40 million euros that he would receive and of course that would certainly help him. “

“Barça will have its reasons for not having stayed with Messi, but of course I do not contemplate it for this agreement”, Tebas sentenced, recalling that the Argentine star “could already leave last year. His has been a somewhat traumatic departure because for a month the president of Barça said that everything was going well and in the end he falls … It hurts that he leaves but we have worked so that the rights do not fall or are affected “.

In this regard, Tebas emphasized that in the audiovisual agreements “no clause was imposed specifying that LaLiga would be paid less for Messi not being there”, and made it clear that “I am very surprised that Barcelona does not want to receive those 275 million that would correspond. What is clear is that Barça has a very low global salary limit and is well above what is allowed. “

“I have no doubt that we are going to get closer to the Premier League despite not having Messi. LaLiga is going to start anyway”, summarized the president of LaLiga, who repeated that the SuperLiga is a tournament “without a future” once ” English clubs have already made it clear that they will never enter that project. “

“From their registrations (of Barcelona) I know what I read, nothing else. Sergio Agüero is injured and can register later, without any further problem, and I think the pressure is now on for Memphis,” said the manager, who transferred the Barça leaders any responsibility in this regard. “They will know what they have to do,” he synthesized, without clarifying, but on the contrary, questioning whether the Barça club will be able to register their signings and, especially, Memphis Depay.

“From Paris Saint-Germain we will see how the transfer period ends … they will have to balance their numbers a lot because with what has come they will have to remove many players,” Tebas warned, ruling that the employer, with him at the helm, ” we were the first to report everything that was happening. “

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