WBA will suspend judge Gloria Martínez Rizzo for controversial card and racist tweets

Gloria Martínez Rizzo

The president of the AMB, Gilberto Mendozaannounced that the judge Gloria Martinez Rizzo will be suspended for six months and they will seek that he is no longer in fights sanctioned by the body, after he had a controversial card in the fight between Mykal fox Y Gabriel Maestre, and being discovered by some racist tweets.

“We saw that his score was wrong despite the unanimous decision,” he said. Mendoza in an interview with Mike coppinger of ESPN. “Those comments she made in the past, she should be expelled by the AMB. I do not support any racism. I believe in fairness. Sports are the only thing that brings equity to the world sometimes ”.

The controversy occurred last Saturday, August 7, when Fox Y Master faced each other for the interim welterweight belt, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mykal sent to the canvas in the second round Gabriel And, for many analysts, the American dominated the rest of the contest, but the three judges saw the Colombian boxer win.

However, the card Martinez Rizzo It was the most controversial when he scored 117-111 in favor of Maestre when he only gave him the second and fourth rounds.

Racist posts

Later, after Fox expressed his discontent, some racist posts were discovered on his Facebook account. Twitter which was later eliminated.

“All lives matter, beans matter too”, “Kill her, jail is a convenience” or “Lebron James) is so stupid that all he can do is play basketball, otherwise go back to the stable, “were some of the tweets that were found.

“This sport has introduced me to people in different walks of life,” he said. Mykal fox. “But I can’t help but wonder if the person that she is affects the one who judges boxing. If it hadn’t been for television, I would say that (the decision) would be very bad for me, but the world realized the robbery that night.

The AMB ordered immediate rematch without champion advantage, so if they are tied the belt will remain vacant.

However, on whether the combat decision will be modified there has been no information, since that corresponds to the Minnesota Athletic Commission.

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