Yarely Salazar acknowledges that Mexico made a world ridicule by losing Olympic places in cycling

Yarely Salazar acknowledges that Mexico made a world ridicule by losing Olympic places in cycling

Salazar hopes that the cycling federation will be fairer with its processes towards Paris 2024.

The cyclist Yarely Salazar participated in the road test during the past Tokyo 2020 Olympics in which she finished in 55th place, however, the Sinaloan could not compete in her strong test that is the Omnium because the Mexican Cycling Federation changed the qualification criteria and enrolled Victoria Velasco.

In the end, Velasco could not compete either because he did not meet the qualification criteria demanded by the UCI and the IOC, Mexico lost that place, as well as another in road time trial cycling. This situation was a severe blow to Salazar which also recognizes that the country made a world ridiculous by losing those Olympic tickets.

“The truth is that all this has been very difficult to overcome, many people from other countries wrote to me asking why I was not competing there and the Mexican Cycling Federation what I thought, I did not know what to answer them because if I am a little sad that this is happening in the country and that other countries cannot even believe the incompetence that is happening in Mexico and the shameful situation we generate. “

“It has been too frustrating, now I keep working on it mentally to leave it behind and focus on what is coming, but if it has been very difficult for me to see that the other competitors were left out, it was a hard blow, and then observe the omnium test it was even worse because I knew I could have been there. ” Commented Yarely Salazar in chat with ESPN.

Salazar confesses that he is still working psychologically to overcome the bad luck of being able to compete in the Omnium test due to the negligence of the managers.

“They have been very difficult months for me, even knowing that I won the road test and won in the road square, I was very bad emotionally, we knew that in the omnium test no other runner could compete, we knew that I was the only one eligible because I had 100% of the points to be able to compete, and when we found out that the UCI rejected the registration that the Mexican Federation had made in the omnium test it was even sadder, because it was what was already known and Because of the desire of other people, those places were lost. The truth is that it was something very painful for me because it was something that I was looking for for five years, it was achieved and in the end the leaders let her go. “

The Sinaloan cyclist hopes that this situation will not be repeated in the future and that the Cycling Federation works in the best way to wash the image of Mexican sport in Paris 2024.

“I believe that more organization and a little more support are needed in the case of structuring the competition plan well throughout the year, support in sports teams and other situations that are necessary to be 100% as in other countries. They’re not here.”

“I think we have to respect, that we speak with our own results, that we plan well towards Paris 2024 and that the electives are 100% fair, that there is not something personal first, that it is fair and from then on everything will be fine. “

Yarely Salazar take a few weeks off before getting back on the bike and starting on your way to Paris 2024 where he will seek revenge for what he lived in Tokyo.

“Just when I finished, all I thought was in Paris, I want to compete in the Omnium test, I am going to focus and I am going to train a lot to compete in this test, it leaves me a lot of teaching because the route is very difficult and very exhausting, they became 148 km of route with 43 °, 100% humidity, so it was devastating weather for all the competitors, but I see myself on the track in Paris 2024.”Salazar finished to ESPN.

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