Follow the action in rugby in Buenos Aires: the preview of date 4 of the URBA Top 12

Follow the action in rugby in Buenos Aires: the preview of date 4 of the URBA Top 12

The URBA Top 12 continues his march after a great day last week. This Saturday the date 4, In the only one televised at 1:30 p.m. live on ESPN Extra, the La Plata classic takes place with saint Louis receiving to The TIlos. Secondly, Hindú-SIC, Belgrano-Newman, Regatas-CUBA, Buenos Aires-Alumni and CASI-Pucará, at 15.30, they can be seen live by

St. Louis vs. Los Tilos (Saturday at 1:30 p.m. live on ESPN Extra)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After two consecutive falls, Lazzaroni’s team rescued the first draw of 2021 on their visit to Burzaco. The final balance between San Luis and Pucará, 9-9, was defined without tries and with points through the kicks of Klubus and Hernández, plus a drop from Blanco Fresco that sealed the parity. For Los Tilos, the trip to San Isidro meant a serious setback after a return to the Top 12 with two very positive dates in the game. The win against SIC, 78-6, left 12 tries in the in-goal itself.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The city celebrates the return of the classic in a match that can only be enjoyed on television, due to the protocols that must be followed in this stage of the pandemic. For the Maristas it will be the opportunity to seek the first victory of the year, while in Los Tilos they are going for the recovery after the defeat received last Saturday.

BACKGROUND: The La Plata classic is being played again after five seasons. The last clash was in Barrio Obrero with a Marista victory by 13 to 6. Los Tilos has been without celebrations for several years, more precisely since 2003 when they beat San Luis by 41 to 9. At the Summit you have to go a year ago, because from in 2002 they did not win as visitors, when they did it by 27 to 15.

Hindu Club vs. SIC (Saturday at 3.30pm live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They make up the lot of the five teams that won on the three dates that were played. Hindu with an ideal score, after three victories with bonus, beat Belgrano Athletic last Saturday by 62-22, in a result that surprised by the large difference that was not such until 30 minutes into the first half. The SIC also won everything they played with authority, this time with the most resounding victory in the Top 12, 78-6 against Los Tilos. In a normal context it could be measured as an anticipated ending. But this is just beginning, although the two are already emerging as great candidates for the title.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For two clubs that took most of the titles of the last decades, a Hindu-SIC is seen as a special match. In the preview of the tournament they faced each other in a friendly that was won by Hindú, but that was not a match for points. The forcefulness that they exhibited in the last date, 12 tries for the SIC and 10 for Hindu, clearly show what they can give in attack.

BACKGROUND: The SIC win in 2017, by 55 to 32, was the last trench success. In 2018 and 2019, those of Don Torcuato kept the four games played, although the last title was taken by those of San Isidro.

Belgrano Athletic vs. Newman (Saturday at 3:30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Such a defeat of Belgrano against Hindú was not in anyone’s plans. Ten tries against for a team that is not easy to convert to is not given every day. It was not a normal result for Virrey del Pino’s team, which had not asked for Don Torcuato since 2015. Newman is the other side of the coin, pure speed, forcefulness and three victories in a row. ALMOST, Biei and Regatas have already known the Cardenal’s potential.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For Belgrano there is no other objective than recovery, after such a hard blow and three straight matches of high demand, SIC, Hindú and Newman. They will have to improve their behavior, because the three yellow cards in Don Torcuato were very hard to be able to hold on. Newman arrives in full, with many variants and a pair that continues to perform as if they were 20 years old, the try-man, Agustín Gosio and the scorer, Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada.

BACKGROUND: With a very even track record in recent times, they alternated wins and losses in the most recent matches. In 2019 they tied in Virrey del Pino, 34-34 and won the brown in Benavídez by 43 to 24. The bordó has not won away from home since 2017 when he did it by 27 to 10.

Regattas Bella Vista vs. CUBA (Saturday at 3.30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The fixture with Regatas was not generous, which in the three initial dates had to face Belgrano, Hindú and Newman, successively. They lost all three games with a major renovation in their squad. CUBA started with another face with respect to the 2018 and 2019 campaigns. It won the three games it played, in the debut against San Luis by 32 to 12, against CASI due to the Covid cases, it won the points (8 to 0) and against Buenos Aires defined him in the second half by 24 to 15.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For Regatas the objective of settling in the Top 12 was a job that was built in recent years. Without relegation and with many youths promoted to the superior squad, they will seek experience in this contest. In CUBA very interesting movements were seen in the successes against San Luis and Biei. In Villa de Mayo they are optimistic with the players who came up and the experienced ones who keep their balance.

BACKGROUND: Regatas comes with a series of five consecutive victories over CUBA, since its last victory was in Bella Vista, on the fifth date of 2017 by 23 to 10. The duels of 2018 and 2019 were for Regatas.

Buenos Aires vs. Alumni (Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: On their return to the Top 12, Biei’s performance last Saturday was the best since they returned. The loss to CUBA 24-15 kept them in the game until the end, and that was progress over their previous performances, against Hindú and Newman. Alumni won their third consecutive game without a bonus (27-23 against CASI) and is the last of the squad of the five that are undefeated in the Top 12.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Buenos Aires they know that this tournament is the return to the highest level after a long time. Without relegation, it will serve as a platform to build the team for 2022. In Tortuguitas there were also many changes in the initial formation, but they came out well from the first dates and added a good victory against CASI on the last day.

BACKGROUND: After more than 20 years, Buenos Aires vs. Alumni. The last clash was in 1997, with the victory for the Alumni team by 48 to 19.

ALMOST vs. Pucará (Saturday at 3.30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After not having disputed the second date for Covid cases, the CASI continues without being able to win, since it did not reach them on their visit to Tortuguitas (23-27). With only one point under their belt, the San Isidro team arrives to consolidate a cast that began the tournament in the midst of its formation. The situation in Pucará is quite similar, since it was the club that lost the most players compared to 2019. The draw against San Luis, in Burzaco, cut the series of two consecutive falls they suffered against the SIC and Los Tilos.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: With quite similar news, the clash in the Cathedral will have the focus on being able to consolidate the bases of each team. They started with the aim of playing again without a priori having great expectations of fighting at the top. At CASI, Martín Roger recently joined the squad, who was a great protagonist and scorer of the SLAR.

BACKGROUND: A very even track record between the two clubs, which alternated wins and losses in recent tournaments. In 2019 there were visiting victories, Pucará won the Cathedral by the minimum, 26-25 and the Academy in Burzaco by 31 to 28. In 2018 each one became strong at home, Pucará won it by 24 to 17 and the ALMOST by 16 to 15.

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