From Lukaku to Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic: the most expensive players in history

From Lukaku to Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic: the most expensive players in history

Romelu Lukaku is once again an official Chelsea player after joining the club for the second time, almost exactly 10 years after he first joined Stamford Bridge.

The 28-year-old forward returned to the Blues from Inter Milan, where he played the last two seasons with a balance of 64 goals in 95 appearances and the 2020-21 Serie A title.

The pass would have been worth £ 97.5 million, slightly less than the most expensive in Premier League history, signed by Manchester City last week with the landing of Jack Grealish for £ 100 million from Aston Villa.

Lukaku was 18 when he first came to Chelsea from Anderlecht with fanfare in 2011. Yet the teenage prodigy had just 10 league appearances for Chelsea in three seasons, the last two on loan at West Bromwich Albion and Everton, respectively. The young forward was sent to Everton on a permanent pass in the summer of 2014, when Chelsea recovered £ 31.8 million for a surplus player who simply couldn’t find use.

Fortunately, Lukaku soon got on his feet and his career began to gain momentum. A series of great passes followed, with Manchester United and then Inter breaking their club transfer records to sign the Belgian in 2017 and 2019.

However, Lukaku’s latest mega-transfer, which takes him back to Chelsea, is what prompted him to completely surpass Neymar to make him the most expensive footballer in history, at least in the sum of all his passes.

Lukaku, previously third on the all-time list, has now surpassed both Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo to top the table after amassing a total of £ 294.8 million in career passes. .

The historical values ​​of all transfers were taken from Transfermarkt.

1. Romelu Lukaku (total amount of transfers: £ 288.8 million)

Anderlecht to Chelsea: £ 13.5 million
Chelsea to Everton: £ 31.82 + £ 3.15 in loan commission
Everton to Manchester United: £ 76.23 million
Manchester United to Inter Milan: £ 66.6 million
Inter Milan to Chelsea: £ 97.5 million

Spread over five passes between four clubs, Lukaku has cost more than any other player. At 28, he still has plenty of time to keep growing his checking account, assuming his second cycle at Chelsea is more productive than his first.

2. Neymar (£ 279.18 million)

As a testament to his colossal market value, Neymar has managed to generate nearly £ 280 million in total passes despite having only had two transfers in his career. The first was a megapass to Barcelona, ​​and the second was a world record-shattering trade between two of the biggest clubs in existence. It might as well win back the number one spot eventually.

Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United: £ 17.1 million
Manchester United to Real Madrid: £ 84.6 million
Real Madrid to Juventus: £ 105.3 million

Cristiano, one of only three players to break the £ 200 million barrier in cumulative passes, has likewise been excellent value for money with a ridiculously constant stream of goals, trophies, titles, records and individual accolades throughout. his brilliant 19-year career. At 36, your total may not continue to grow.

Real Madrid to Juventus: £ 18 million
Juventus to Real Madrid: £ 27 million
Real Madrid to Chelsea: £ 59.4 million
Chelsea to Atlético Madrid: £ 31.5 million + £ 16.2 million in loan commission
Atlético Madrid to Juventus: £ 18 million in loan commission

It may be surprising to see Morata so high up, but the Spanish international has risen through the table simply by having starred in many high-profile and courageous passes between several of Europe’s top clubs. Whether any of them were really worth it is up for debate.

Rosario to Benfica: £ 7.2 million
Benfica to Real Madrid: £ 29.7 million
Real Madrid to Manchester United: £ 67.5 million
Manchester United to Paris Saint-Germain: £ 56.7m

Di María was part of the latest version of the Galacticos at Real before leaving for Manchester United in the summer of 2014. The Argentine winger then produced 4 goals in 32 appearances during his only failed season at Old Trafford before moving on to PSG.

The decision has been the correct one, with no fewer than 17 trophies added to his roster at the club level since he moved to the French capital.

Real Sociedad to Atlético Madrid: £ 48.6 million
Atlético Madrid to Barcelona: £ 108 million

Having emerged in Society, it was five years of transformation in Atlético that turned Griezmann into a true star. This saw Barcelona end up investing in a big way for a prolific and stylish forward who has since chipped in 35 goals in 99 games. At 30 years old and available for a Barça pass, he will soon be able to continue adding to his goal total.

Stade Rennes to Borussia Dortmund: £ 31.5 million
Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona: £ 121.5 million

Another emerging star in the attack for whom Barça paid a fortune and it is fair to say that the Catalans have not yet managed to see the best of Dembélé – mainly due to a seemingly endless run of injuries that have complicated their stay at the Camp Nou so far. Another player that Barça would be willing to sell to if the right offer came up.

Malmo to Ajax: £ 7.02 million
Ajax to Juventus: £ 14.4 million
Juventus to Inter Milan: £ 22.32 million
Inter Milan to Barcelona: £ 62.55 million
Barcelona to AC Milan: £ 21.6 million + £ 5.4 million in loan commission
AC Milan to Paris Saint-Germain: £ 18.9 million

Another man with a long history, Ibrahimovic has spent his entire career constantly changing among the biggest clubs in Europe, leading the cast with a hefty deal most of the time.

If you’re wondering why the veteran Swedish forward’s latest flirtations with Manchester United, LA Galaxy and (a return to) AC Milan aren’t on the list, it’s because they’re listed as passes as a free agent.

It’s fair to say that if Ibra had started his career a little later, when the pass amounts really started to rise, he would undoubtedly be higher than at No. 8.

Vasco to Inter Milan: £ 3.42 million
Inter Milan to Liverpool: £ 11.7 million
Liverpool to Barcelona: £ 121.5 million
Barcelona to Bayern Munich: £ 7.65 million in loan commission

Coutinho’s impressive world-record pass at the time between Liverpool and Barcelona in 2018 is an anomaly in his record, and the Brazilian has struggled to live up to expectations ever since.

If at some point a list of the worst passes in Barcelona were drawn up, this would undoubtedly appear the same. Coutinho is Barça’s third most recent transfer, all three are still at the club, but Barça would be willing to accept a reduced offer for any of them.

River Plate to Real Madrid: £ 10.8 million
Real Madrid to Napoli: £ 35.1 million
Napoli to Juventus: £ 81 million
Juventus to AC Milan: £ 9.18 million in loan commission
Juventus to Chelsea: £ 7.02 million in loan commission

Higuaín became the third most expensive signing of all time and the most expensive domestically when, at age 28, Juventus activated its massive release clause with Napoli in the summer of 2016.

The Argentine forward went on to win two successive Serie A titles with Juve before making a sudden switch to a loan season with rivals AC Milan in the 2018-19 campaign, which was cut in January to pass a similar six. months without much news on loan with Chelsea.

Higuaín returned with the Bianconeri and won another Scudetto in 2019-20, although his participation that season was decidedly reduced. His contract ended in September 2020 and he joined the new MLS franchise, Inter Miami CF.

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