Neymar, Di María and Paredes, the societies that Messi will rely on at PSG

Neymar, Di María and Paredes, the societies that Messi will rely on at PSG

Lionel messi arrived in Paris and revolutionized the capital of France with his arrival at the PSG. The greatest idol in the history of Barcelona came to his new team with the main objective of lifting the UEFA champions league and to achieve it, you will have around you a constellation of stars where you can exploit societies previous you have with several players.

Neymar and Ángel Di María, along with Mbappé, will be key for the offensive to engage even more than he did the last two seasons and Leandro Paredes, which is very important in the system for Mauricio Pochettino, must take a leap forward to continue being so in the midfield of the Parisian team.

The former player of Rosario Central is with who spent the most time on the court Messi. ‘Fideo’ debuted in the Argentina Selection in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and from that day on, he was practically unmovable in the national team. They have played 117 official matches and together they won the Olympic Games. mentioned above and the Copa América 2021.

Both have shared 88 matches in the Albiceleste, accumulating a total of 5,649 minutes for Argentina, which translates into the most of any pair of players who are still active.

At PSG since the 2015/16 season, Di María has always been important in all the teams he made up of the French team and he is undoubtedly one of the fans’ favorites.

Initiated in opposite paths in their native Rosario when they were children (Di María in Rosario Central and Messi in Newell’s) and having spent so many hours in the National Team, ‘Fideo’ and ‘Leo’ will share the PSG shirt in search of glory.

The Brazilian crack was one of the players in Barcelona with whom Messi had the greatest synergy, both on the field of play and outside of it. Together with Luis Suárez, they made up the MSN, and in the four seasons that Neymar was in the Culé team, they won: two Leagues, three King’s Cups, two Spanish Super Cups, a UEFA Champions League (14/15), a World Cup of Clubs 2015 and the European Super Cup (15/16) in 189 official matches.

With both on the field of play at the same time, Barcelona scored 383 goals in 162 games, where Messi and Neymar scored 232 (60%). They also assisted each other a total of 42 times (Messi 20 assists and Neymar 22 assists).

At PSG since the 2017/18 season, the Brazilian was always the star of the team and never hid his desire to play with his friend again. Neymar and Messi will share a team again and nobody expects anything other than a show throughout the season.

The midfielder that emerged in Boca began his process in Albileste in 2017 when Jorga Sampaoli was in charge of the team, but it was Lionel Scaloni who made him important and made him transcendental for the game. Paredes has played 36 games with the Argentina National Team shirt and won the 2021 Copa América in Brazil.

The midfielder has been at PSG since the 2018/19 season and with each passing season, he became more and more important. Established as an elite midfielder, Paredes will be Messi’s side and will seek to be one of the links of the Parisian team during the 2021/22 campaign.

Finally, Messi has a historical relationship but one of rivalry with Sergio Ramos whom he will now have as a partner and taking care of his back in defense.

The former captains of Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two players with the most appearances in El Clásico with 45 and it is the duel that was repeated the most times in that confrontation with 42 (19 were for Leo, 14 for the central and 9 draws).

Despite having two different types of leadership, both were references of their colleagues in Spain and examples to follow, I know from their commitment and their work ethic.

Different, but who share the ambition to continue winning trophies in their careers at 35 (Ramos) and 34 (Messi). Still with the same desire to continue learning and making history in their legendary careers, which will now have them defending the same jersey for at least two seasons.

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