Sebastián Villa clarified about his trip to Colombia, assured that he is grateful to Boca and that “he always spoke up front”

Sebastián Villa clarified about his trip to Colombia, assured that he is grateful to Boca and that "he always spoke up front"

Sebastián Villa used his Instagram account this Friday to clarify that his trip to Colombia was due to “a family issue”, he assured that he always spoke “face to face” with the Boca Juniors leadership and that he will be “eternally grateful” to the club.

The Colombian forward has not trained since July 29 and even told coach Miguel Ángel Russo that he was not going to return. The trigger for the situation was that Boca rejected an offer from the Belgian Bruges.

Days later, the player asked the club for permission to travel to his country to accompany his mother, which Xeneize authorized with August 13 as the return date. Villa left, but did not return. According to information from Augusto César on ESPN de Fútbol 12, Boca will wait until Monday and if he does not show up, he will sue the player.

Here is the complete letter from Villa:

“As a result of the different versions related to my leaving the country, I want to express that it was due to a family issue, the health of my mother in this case who today, thank God, is feeling better every day. This makes me very happy and very much Calmer.

In sports I want to make it clear that at no time will I be ungrateful to @bocajrsoficial, on the contrary. I will be eternally grateful to the club and its fans. I am very happy every time I have to wear these colors and I will continue to be.

I just want to clarify that I always spoke face to face with the people who had to do it and raised a personal, family and professional growth.

I don’t want to stop thanking people who cared about my mother’s health, which is really important, colleagues and friends. “

Boca had promised Villa to sell it if an offer of $ 12 million or more came in (and it must be taken into account that 30% of the pass belongs to Deportes Tolima). The Colombian complains and argues that the club did not comply with him and does not respond to the offers. The truth is that, so far, no team was willing to pay the intended number.

To this is added that recently, Boca renewed it and improved the contract to Villa, who became one of the best payments on the team.

Perhaps, this post on social networks is an extreme first step to find a solution to your situation. For both Boca and Miguel Ángel Russo, the Colombian is no longer part of the professional team. If the player gives way and returns to training, he will have to train alone, until a satisfactory offer appears and, perhaps, until the next transfer market in January. A situation that will harm both parties.

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