“The doctor wondered how the commission let me fight,” reveals Alacrán Berchelt of defeat with Óscar Valdez

Alacrán Berchelt y Óscar Valdez

Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt revealed that after his defeat against Oscar Valdez, the doctors questioned how the commissioners let him fight Valdez after he contracted coronavirus and caused fibrosis.

“People would love to see a rematch against Valdez, but first to wait for the doctor to give me the go-ahead, “he said. Berchelt in an interview with Jorge Ebro of The Miami Herald. “The Covid left me with fibrosis. The doctor wondered how the commission, the promoters, my coach had let me fight, but the one who took it on was me. The truth is that I did not feel my body.

Berchelt, who is 29 years old and has a record of 37-2 with 33 victories by knockout, became infected with coronavirus in November 2020, so the fight had to be postponed to February 20, 2021.

Valdez dominated Berchelt throughout the contest and Michael looked different from other fights, throwing very slow punches, until Oscar he knocked him out in the 10th round with a left hand that put him to sleep.

“I have been reconsidering, visualizing the reason for the defeat,” he confessed. “People know it, I got Covid in November, I fought in February. Boxing people, doctors know he wasn’t ready to fight. But it is no excuse. You make your decisions and I was the one who decided to go up. The main thing is my health. I risked my life, but that will not happen anymore ”.

The confrontation with Valdez It took place in a bubble environment in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, so the commission of that state is in charge of reviewing the health of boxers.

Learning Cuban boxing

Miguel Berchelt is currently training in Miami Florida, with the Cuban Jorge Rubio looking to improve his boxing skills after a family vacation trip.

“They have a good team, an excellent ring,” said the Scorpion. “Jorge Rubio he is an excellent coach and is pushing hard every day. Hopefully this gym is increasingly full and that soon it will give you that world champion that you long for ”.

“I come to learn and give you a little publicity,” he said. “Was here Floyd mayweather and now comes the Scorpion Berchelt, but above all I want to improve the legs, the corner. Jorge is a master at defense. I will Mexico and return at the end of the month. I think with blond I can grow ”.

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