Borussia Dortmund vs. Eintracht Frankfurt – Match Report – August 14, 2021

Borussia Dortmund vs.  Eintracht Frankfurt - Match Report - August 14, 2021

(EFE) – Desired by all of Europe, Erling Haaland burst into the new Bundesliga season with impressive determination, as the always tremendous and decisive striker for Borussia Dortmund and unstoppable for Eintracht Frankfurt (5-2), defeated by two goals and two assists -almost three- of the ‘9’, although insufficient to assault the leadership of Stuttgart.

First he gave the 1-0, after minute 20, to Marco Reus; then he handed the 2-1, in a lethal counterattack, to Thorgan Hazard, within half an hour; and then, a minute later, he transformed the 3-1 while listening to the loud roar of his fans, who enjoy an undeniable scorer, whose voracity does not seem to be any limit, as he later demonstrated: key in the 4-1, it was also his the 5-1.

Dortmund’s challenge to reach the top spot at Signal Iduna Park was daunting. The 5-1 with which Stuttgart had beaten Furth an hour earlier or the 0-4 with which Hoffenheim had beaten Augsburg – the only visitor to win in the first round – posed a huge challenge to take the lead.

But nothing seems impossible for Haaland or, by extension, for his team, with a spectacular counterattack prowess and with one of the most amazing footballers in the world today, because of the way he performs, because of his talent, because of his football and, above all, for the most transcendent of all, because it is definitive.

Under that unrivaled condition, Dortmund sentenced Eintracht in the first half, even if an own goal cast doubt on it at 1-1. Before, Haaland had already served Marcos Reus 1-0; then he gave the pass that turned a counterattack into a goal. From Thorgan Hazard. All condensed in 9 minutes.

But he is, above all, a scorer, who seldom misses his appointment in each game with the quality that best defines him. A few moments later, he scored 3-1. Between the doubt of the defense of the Stuttgart, an unacceptable concession when he is in front, Haaland took the ball, ran and defined before Kevin Trapp, already overwhelmed.

The scoreboard did not go further at the interval at 3-1, because, later, the VAR rectified the mistake of the Eintracht goalkeeper, who tried to prevent a corner kick and made it possible for Marcos Reus to score. The video review confirmed the appearance of the action: the ball had gone out when Trapp handed it to his rival. It was canceled.

Haaland was not satisfied, who started the second half with the key intervention at 4-1. It was not a goal pass in its entirety, because its intention was the shot and because it touched a defender, but it ended up at the feet of Giovanni Reyna. The American scored with the right inside the small area (4-1).

Another demonstration of efficiency by Borussia Dortmund and another crucial action by Haaland, who added yet another goal, the 5-1, shot in two games this season: he has scored five goals and has given two assists – three if that of Reyna- between the German Cup and the Bundesliga. In just 180 minutes he has intervened in eight goals. An outrage while watching the German Super Cup.

Through their display, Dortmund skirted the top, but did not reach it as intended, frustrated by the 5-2 in the final moments of Eintracht, which held Stuttgart in the lead alone, thanks to five goals on a margin of 46 minutes with which he had overwhelmed Furth (5-1) an hour before.

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