URBA Top 12: Pucará won the victory against CASI 25-22

URBA Top 12: Pucará won the victory against CASI 25-22

By the fourth date of URBA Top 12, Pucara took the victory in a very close match and achieved his first victory of the championship, beating the ALMOST 25-22 as a visitor.

Burzaco’s team was the victorious one, being effective to score points. On his first arrival at the CASI at 22, at six minutes, Germán Klubus with his left foot put his team ahead. This was a clear example of the visiting team’s proposal: to arrive and take points from each attack. It was Tomás Buckley who debuted the Ingoals in this match, after a good combination from the backs and, reaching the end of the first half, Pucará made another try thanks to a good individual play by Mariano Navarro. In this way, the visitor went to halftime with a great advantage in his favor.

Despite the try of the recently entered Iñaki Delguy, the second half of the match was not what was expected. ALMOST went from lowest to highest and a great performance from his hooker Bautista Bernasconi put him back in the game. It was 40 minutes of many penalties on both sides. Despite tireless efforts to reverse the result, the local was unable to counter Pucará’s defense. In this way, Burzaco’s team added its first win so far in the Top 12.


ALMOST (): 1. Martín Brousson, 2. Bautista Bernasconi, 3. Hugo García, 4. Leo Mazzini, 5. Agustín Posleman, 6. Luis Briatore, 7. Juan Ymaz, 8. Vicente Boronat (C), 9. Luca Canzani, 10. Gerónimo Prisciantelli, 11. Nicolás Cotella. 12. Martín Roger, 13. Matías Phelan, 14. Tomás Descalzo, 15. Santiago Viaña.

Trainers: Santiago Van Der Ghote and Nahuel Neyra.

Changes: ST- 15 ‘Felipe Muslera by Luis Briartore and Tomás Carman by Agustín Posleman. 32 ‘Alejo Lavayen for Luca Canzani

PUCARÁ (): 1. Tulio Sosa (C), 2. Tomás Montes, 3. Tomás Kelly, 4. Mariano Rassetto, 5. Ignacio Coppola, 6. Germán Fiocca, 7. Gregorio Pascual, 8. Leandro Urriza, 9. Germán Klubus, 10. Alejo Coppola, 11. Tomás Buckley, 12. Mariano Navarro, 13. Joaquín Paz, 14. Francisco Jorge, 15. Juan Delguy.

Coach: Gustavo Jorge.

Changes: ST. 1 ‘Iñaki Delguy by Francisco Jorge. 17 ‘Marelli by Tomás Montes. 21 ‘Fourcade by Mariano Rassetto. 26 ‘De Sarro by Marelli. 31 ‘Lespada by Tulio Sosa.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 6 ‘penalty by Germán Klubus. 12 ‘German Klubus penalty. 28 ‘TRY by Tomás Buckley. 37 ‘Penalty by Martín Roger. 40 ‘TRY by Mariano Navarro. CONVERSIONS: 1/2 for Germán Klubus.

Partial Result: 3 ALMOST – Pucará 18

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 4 ‘TRY by Iñaki Delguy. 14 ‘TRY scored by Bautista Bernasconi. 24 ‘TRY PENALTY (ALMOST). 35 ‘TRY scored by Bautista Bernasconi. CONVERSIONS: 1/1 for Germán Klubus. 1/2 for Martín Roger

Final Result: 22 ALMOST – 25 Pucará

INCIDENTS: PT- 15 ‘yellow Leo Mazzini (ALMOST), 34’ Tomás Descalzo (ALMOST). ST- 21 ‘yellow Leandro Urriza (Pucará)

BASKETBALL COURT: Athletic Club San Isidro.

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