URBA Top 12: SIC was left with a triumph against Hindu

URBA Top 12: SIC was left with a triumph against Hindu

SIC maintained its solidity in defense and managed to beat Hindú 21-5 in Don Torcuato for the fourth date of the URBA Top 12. With this result, the last champion took the lead away from the local team and remains solid with all the games won. till the date.

Boulogne’s men began the first half with a penalty converted by Joaquín Lamas in minute 3 ‘, which was accompanied at 10’ of the first try of the afternoon. The same was done by Santos Rubio with the conversion of Joaquín Lamas to leave the score 10-0.

In his second game as a starter in the first club, Lisandro Rodriguez he scored a try that crossed Hindú to his rival. At the end of the first half, Justo Piccardo’s try left SIC up 15-5.

In the second half of the match the San Isidro team was unbeatable in defense and did not give up any points, while in attack he converted two penalties for the match to end 5-21.

On the next date, Hindú will face Newman as a visitor, while SIC will play at home against San Luis.


HINDU (5): 1- Franco Diviesti, 2- Agustín Capurro, 3- Nicolás Leiva; 4 Carlos Repetto, 5- Federico Lavanini; 6- Nicolás D’amorim, 7- Nicolás Amaya, 8- Lautaro Bavaro; 9- Lucas Camacho, 10- Santiago Fernández; 11- Federico Graglia, 12- Joaquín de la Vega, 13- Martín Cancelliere, 14- Lisandro Rodríguez; 15- Belisario Agulla.

Changes: ST: 21 ‘Juan Comolli by Federico Lavanini and Augusto Bavaro by Nicolás Amaya, 30’ Lucas Pulido by Lucas Camacho, 35 ‘Benjamín Silveyra by Lisandro Rodríguez.

Trainers: Francisco Fernández Miranda, Hernán Senillosa and Juan Gauthier.

SIC (21): 1- Marcos Piccinini, 2- Andrea Panzarini, 3- Segundo Aguilar 4- Lucas Sommer, 5- Federico Haedo, 6- Marcos Borghi 7- Tomás Comissati, 8- Tomás Meyrelles, 9- Juan Soares Gache, 10- Joaquín Lamas, 11- Ignacio Cohelo, 12- Santos Rubio, 13- Carlos Piran, 14- Justo Piccardo; 15- Gastón Arias.

Changes: ST: 5 ‘Facundo Giorgiutti by Gastón Arias, 10’ Gonzalo Hughes by Segundo Aguilar, 15 ‘Mateo Albanese by Juan Soares Gache, 21’ Lucas Rocha by Federico Haedo, 30 ‘Facundo Fernández Madero by Tomás Comssati.

Trainers: Santiago González Bonorino, Lucas Cilley and Eduardo Victorica.

Points in PT: 6 ‘Penalty by Joaquín Lamas (S), 14’ Try by Santos Rubio converted by Joaquín Lamas (S), 23 ‘Try by Lisandro Rodríguez (H), 39’ Try by Justo Piccardo (S).

Partial result: Hindu 5 – SIC 15

Points in ST: 9 ‘and 20’ Penalties by Joaquín Lamas (S).

Final score: Hindu 5 – SIC 21

Admonished: ST: 32 ‘Agustín Capurro.

Referee: Pablo Deluca

Basketball court: Hindú Club, Don Torcuato

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