In a difficult fight to score, Casimero remains champion by defeating Rigondeaux

John Riel Casimero

In a very difficult fight to qualify, John Riel Casimero defeated Guillermo Rigondeaux by split decision to remain featherweight champion by the OMB.

The judges saw 116-112 and 117-111 in favor of the Filipino, while the other saw the Cuban fighter win 115-113.

Rigondeaux He made a very intelligent fight and without falling into provocations. Brought to John Riel Casimero to his game to impose his combat plan, but he also did not do enough to convince the judges.

Since the bell rang, the fate of the contest was very clear: the Filipino going forward to seek to connect the Cuban, while the latter went backward, seeking to handle the ring and being very selective in his fists when he entered. Casimero.

However, during the first round he managed John hitting good fists and managed to close the distance to be more accurate with his punches, but nothing else happened during the rest of the match after a stumble of William.

The fate of the contest

From the second round, the Cuban began to carry out his fight in a very intelligent way. He traveled the entire ring showing that he had the legs to continue in that way, but his plan was not enough, running so as not to exchange fists.

And that’s how round after round the Filipino began to despair because he could not find a clear target in the Cuban, who never did anything different than wait for the blows of Casimero to counterattack with that left fist.

He succeeded on different occasions and also began to mentally wear down Casimero, who could not find a fixed target on his opponent. He was never in trouble and only received blows that never caused him any problems.

The contest was very difficult to qualify, since John Riel Casimero He always went to the front, he proposed to exchange blows, but, on the other side, Guillermo Rigondeaux he landed the most accurate shots.

In the end the judges gave the victory to Casimero why Rigondeaux he was never able to convince inside the ring.

John Riel remains as featherweight champion by the OMB, while William He stated that he will seek to stay in boxing despite his 40 years.

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