Paris Saint-Germain vs. Strasbourg – Match Report – August 14, 2021

Paris Saint-Germain vs.  Strasbourg - Match Report - August 14, 2021

(EFE) – Between the madness of all Paris and the Parc des Princes for the signing of Lionel Messi, Paris Saint Germain thrashed first, doubted later and finally won Strasbourg (4-2) in the welcome of the Argentine star, to that his team is already waiting at the top of the tournament, but still among the irregularity.

Mauricio Pochettino’s bloc commands the League with two wins in as many days, but both without as much difference as expected, between the demand to be the leader with perseverance, to win almost everything and to regain the throne of the French championship that he lost. last season against Lille. With Messi, everything will be easier.

His fans know this, who lived a special day in the home of PSG, due to the tremendous presentation of Messi and his reinforcements (Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Achraf Hakimi and Georginio Wijnaldum, with the last two also leading the game later) and that he sensed a more comfortable victory than it finally was.

A goal so early, in minute 3, even more so in their territory, is usually a guarantee for PSG. Against doubts, it is the best answer. In view of Messi, a spectator now, a star as soon as he debuted with his new team, Mauro Icardi opened the scoring at full speed, which before half an hour looked a resounding 3-0.

Mbappe had already heard whistles from the ultras -when his name sounded on the megaphone five minutes before the match-, amid the uncertainty that hovered over his future in recent days, before vindicating himself with the best of all expressions in football: the goal. In the 25th minute, he made it 2-0 to widen the difference.

Julian Draxler, participant in that goal, scored 3-0 just two minutes later to accommodate the win with still an hour left in the game, a world for any rival when facing a rival like Paris Saint Germain, with players of such world stature , although it was the complete opposite of what was expected then.

Strasbourg held 3-0 at the end of the first half. And, suddenly, he announced competition. Kevin Gameiro’s 3-1, in his new adventure in the French League, in minute 52, warned Mauricio Pochettino’s team; Ludovic Ajorque’s 3-2 alerted him in a way that he did not perceive, in the absence of half an hour for the conclusion of a clash that, shortly before, seemed won, only a matter of time

Among other things, he was concerned about his defensive concessions, also about the reaction of his rival, who then saw himself capable of something that is normally impossible against Paris Saint Germain when he achieves three goals from distance and, moreover, it is in his stadium, and that finally it was also for Strasbourg, sentenced in numerical inferiority with the 4-2 of the calm of Pablo Sarabia.

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