River Plate vs. Vélez Sarsfield – Match Report – August 14, 2021

River Plate vs.  Vélez Sarsfield - Match Report - August 14, 2021

(ESPN.com) – River returned to victory after four dates. After the elimination against Boca for the Argentine Cup and the falls due to the local tournament and the Copa Libertadores, the Millionaire beat Vélez at home 2-0, for the sixth date of the Professional League.

It was speculated that DT Marcelo Gallardo was going to go out to play with a team of substitutes, taking into account that on Wednesday he will have to define his continuity in the Libertadores as a visitor to Mineiro on Wednesday.

However, the Doll did not keep anything, and went before El Fortín with the team that usually starts.

The only regular starter who did not play was Nicolás De la Cruz, who is recovering from a contracture and his presence is expected against Mineiro. As a question, the departure of Angileri was left, with an annoyance.

The match started from highest to lowest for River, who had the opening of the scoreboard at Braian Romero’s feet, but the goalkeeper blocked the goal.

With the solidity of always those of Gallardo tried to attack and drown the exit of the rival, and at times they succeeded.

But with the passing of the minutes the team was blurred, Vélez began to handle the ball and approached Armani with a little danger.

In that first half there was a hand in the area of ​​River by Paulo Díaz that was a penalty, but the referee did not sanction.

In the second half, River was able to quickly lead with a penalty. Casco, who now occupies the place of Montiel, entered the area and was knocked down by Ortega: Enzo Fernández from 12 steps scored the 1 to 0.

From that moment, as often happens when the Millionaire takes advantage, the local began to dominate the actions and had several clear chances to increase. One of them was from Romero, who finished off wide, entering only before the departure of Hoyos, after a great pass from Casco, the figure of the match.

But River was staying and Vélez, without many ideas, went looking until the end. Mancuello had it with a free kick that was barely deflected.

And in the reply, Romero found a ball after a slip by defender Brizuela and defined very well for the final 2-0. River returned to victory, while Vélez has only three points, did not win and did not score goals in the League.

It was a deserved victory for the Millionaire, who has 10 points and settled into the tournament. And he comes with more confidence to the decisive match that is coming in Brazil.

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