The dream of playing in Boca and the only championship at the local level

The dream of playing in Boca and the only championship at the local level

Diego Armando Maradona died at the age of 60 after suffering a decompensation at his home on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

The days at Argentinos Juniors were lagging behind. Diego Armando Maradona had long been known to have a European destination. But before landing in the Old Continent, on the 10th he gave himself a great pleasure: playing in Boca.

Thus, after tough negotiations, the president of Argentinos, Prospero Consoli, and the president of Boca, Benito Noel, signed the papers to make the transfer official. In this way, 10 was able to wear the colors of the club of which he was a fan.

On February 20, 1981, on the Boca court, was the official presentation. Diego played for a while with each shirt to start thinking about the great challenge that lay ahead: that of taking Boca champion out.

The xeneize did not pass its best economic moment and it had not been consecrated locally since 1976, when it had raised the glass from the hand of the remembered Toto Lorenzo.

The debut was on Sunday, February 22, 1981, for the first date of the Metropolitan Championship, with a 4-1 win against Talleres de Córdoba in La Bombonera. The stadium was at the limit of its capacity, and a lot of fans had to stay outside and listen to the game on the radio.

Things of fate, Maradona made his debut against Talleres again, as happened when he took his first steps playing for El Bicho, in 1976. This time, Diego was the winner and scored two goals.

The team formed with: Hugo Gatti; Hugo Alves, Rubén Acevedo, Roberto Mouzo, Carlos Córdoba, Marcelo Trobbiani, Jorge Quiroz, Miguel Brindisi, Diego Armando Maradona, Osvaldo Escudero and Hugo Perotti.

In that campaign Diego suffered some injuries that did not allow him to perform fully. However, it was decisive for the title. Within the 34 games played, there is one that stands out above the rest.

The superclassic, no less, played in La Bombonera on date 10 of the contest. A rainy night with a muddy court, where Pelusa left the seal with one of the most remembered goals wearing the blue and gold.

There were 22 minutes of the complement (Boca already won 2 to 0 with two goals from Miguel Angel Brindisi) and Carlos Córdoba made a great play on the right wing. The side sent the center to the area, which Maradona came down with a master class.

Immediately, Pato Fillol came out, which he scattered across the grass with a feint. With his bow free, he suddenly met Tarantini’s resistance. The defender threw himself like a goalkeeper to stop the shot, but could not before the exquisite definition of 10.

It was an unforgettable night for the Boca world, within a tournament that was won with much suffering.

The game where the magic of Maradona was also seen and was key to the title was given against Ferro, on August 2, at the date 32. The Caballito, of great campaign, closely followed the xeneize. If Boca won, he would be one step away from the title, but if he lost, Ferro could put him in trouble.

Maradona did not score the winning goal, but he did deliver an extraordinary pass to Perotti from midfield for the striker to seal the win. The avalanche that this celebration generated in the stands of La Bombonera still gives goose bumps to more than one fan.

In Rosario, before Central, a date later, on the 10th he missed a penalty that could have been the title. But on the last day, against Racing, he took revenge and from 12 steps he scored the goal for the tie that would end up giving Boca the championship. And the only title to Diego playing in the country.

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