Vergil Ortíz struggles but achieves 18th consecutive knockout over Kavaliauskas

Vergil Ortíz pasa problemas al inicio pero logra nocaut 18 consecutivo sobre Egidijus Kavaliauskas

Vergil Ortíz gave a show of forcefulness and maturity in the face of adversity by tying his 18th knockout consecutively and forcing the arrest of Egidijus Kavaliauskas in the eighth round, Saturday night in Frisco, Texas.

The young Mexican-American prospect had to row against adversity, before a Kavaliauskas which was all that was expected of him. The Lithuanian is not a fighter who can be eaten in one bite, and he had already shown it before Terence crawford.

To Vergil Ortíz, face Kavaliauskas was to keep climbing the level of opponents and it was also the opportunity to have a comparison benchmark Terence crawford.

As against Crawford, Kavaliauskas squeezed Ortíz in the first rounds. And even the Lithuanian managed to put the Mexican American bad on a couple of occasions, but ended up losing steam when the fight entered its second half. The same thing that happened to Egidijus against Crawford.

It was in the second round when the surprise appeared in the ring. It seemed like one more story of the prospect that ends up surprisingly derailed. And is that Kavaliauskas managed to land a right uppercut over Ortíz that bent the legs of Vergil, which tried to survive for several seconds.

As is often the case when a prospect is first hurt, Ortíz panicked. Thus injured and hesitant, he began to drop bombs in a desperate way and one of them entered the body of Egidijus. Now, dramatically, the roles were reversed, and the injured was the Lithuanian who fell back. The time to Ortíz to go finish it.

Ortíz he had a huge scare in that second round. He knew he had to make adjustments and show boxing intelligence against a leathery Kavaliauskas.

For the third round, Vergil He started out very tied up, cautious. It measured more than Kavaliauskas, who was feeling confident released more hands. At the end of that round, Ortíz began to find consistency in his jab and to connect to Kavaliauskas.

The jab of Vergil Ortíz he is one of the best in boxing. It is a true power stroke that is very reminiscent of the best jab Golovkin. He shoots it with speed, precision and power. It is a hand that shakes the opponent’s head, and it would be a weapon to recover in this fight against Kavalisuas.

In the fourth round, Egidijus it hurts again Vergil. Not as obvious as the previous occasion, but it manages to make the Mexican American retreat against the ropes overwhelmed. But again, Ortíz defended himself by dropping desperate bombs, and that made Kavaliauskas to withdraw. When Egidijus I was walking backwards Ortíz manages to turn it on, with a 1-2 combination, right and left that entered the jaw of the Lithuanian who went to the canvas. Explosively, Ortíz he had shaken off the Lithuanian, who rose from the canvas just as the bell rang.

Ortíz he adjusted in the fifth and started boxing smarter. He is more cautious, he does not risk so much, but he seeks to land isolated blows with speed. In that field he shines with plastic, fast and explosive blows, showing remarkable technical bases.

By the sixth round, the swell begins to run in favor of Ortíz that puts the best shots of power. Box more, moves around the ring, hits a blow and takes off the Lithuanian counterattack. Egidijus

he is hopeful to the backlash but is not right. And that’s because Ortíz you have read the intentions of Egidijus, and is fighting a hit or two, and then goes out of range by Kavaliauskas.

The seventh round is already the clear symptom that the fight is all of Ortíz, which dominates the combat rhythm, and the space above the ring. Find time and distance, and hit with long blows that enter violently on Egidijus. Ortíz combines up and down, and Kavaliauskas begins to show signs of being ground by beating. The jabs of Ortíz keep generating. havoc. They are hard, power blows, that come again and again on Kavaliauskas.

The denouement came in the eighth, where Ortíz managed to knock down four times Kavaliauskas. First, he connected it to the body, and the Lithuanian resented it, although he wanted to continue fighting and exchanging retracted on the ropes. But a second later he found another hand of Ortíz to the body, and put his knee on the mat.

Egidijus got up. Y Ortíz it was for him. He managed to knock him down two more times, in part because the Lithuanian is overwhelmed and still suffocated from the body punch. Kavaliauskas gets up for the last time and Ortíz he’s going to finish it off with a punching machine in the corner. Kavaliauskas He puts his knee back on the mat, it is his fourth fall, and the referee no longer counts. The fight stops him, just seconds from finishing the round.

It was a very important triumph for Vergil Ortíz, as a prospectus. It is one of those fights in which a lot of wool is crossed, in which the young lion is forced to get the best of his boxing to come out ahead. There will be many pending work in the gym in the annotations of Vergil, but he also showed that he is a smart fighter.

Despite his youth, Ortíz can read a fight, and make adjustments. He understood that he had to bet on boxing more and look for very short combinations in order to avoid counter-blows from Kavaliauskas. And so he found results. Always protected by an elite jab and a solid shot to the body. Perhaps his two main assets as a boxer.

Vergil He’s here to fight the welterweight elite. Yes OK Kavaliauskas He is not an elite, he is a guardian of the division that fights the bottom of the Top 10 at 147 pounds. He proved it before Terence crawford, and showed it today before Ortíz. For this reason, the young Mexican American has fought the test, and has shown that he is not far from Terence crawford in a potential fight. Vergil Ortíz It may sound.

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