“20 years ago, I was in the place of Ugás”: Pacquiao remembers his debut in Las Vegas as a replacement

Manny Pacquiao y Yordneis Ugás

Manny pacquiao debuted in The Vegas, Nevada, on June 23, 2001 and 20 years later he had a dejavú with the fight against the Cuban Yordenis Ugás.

“He was in good shape because he had recently fought in Philippines and had just started working with Freddie (Roach) ”, Recalled the also politician. “In one day I was going home to Philippines when the fight was offered to me. I was very excited, it was a great opportunity. There was no way I was letting it go. “

When that moment happened, Pacquiao He was 22 years old and had already been a world champion for the CMB at flyweight, but after six super bantamweight matchups, he had a chance to face the monarch of the FIB at that moment, Lehlo Ledwaba, because the challenger was injured Enrique Sanchez two weeks from the confrontation.

After several boxers did not accept the contest, Manny He said yes and began training to prepare. The Filipino managed to dominate Lehlo and after six rounds, Pacman managed to defeat him via knockout to become a two-time world champion.

Ugas is in a similar situation ”, he considered Manny pacquiao

. “He was already training for a welterweight world title fight on the same undercard as me, so he’s ready for this opportunity. I know what Ugas feel because 20 years ago I was Ugas. I will not underestimate it. In fact I’ll take it just as seriously as Errol spence”.

From that contest in the MGM Grand of The Vegas, Nevada, Pacquiao began to make himself known in the world of boxing and now, at 42 years old, he seeks to become a world champion again, after the AMB He will remove his welter belt in early 2021 and hand it over to the Cuban.

“I will not make the same mistake of Ledwaba with me, “he said. “I still have the same hunger to win, I live for it. I had a great training camp and I am prepared. I want to prove everyone, especially Ugas, I’m still here. My title was given to UgasThis is not how you become a champion, you earn it in the ring. We will fight for the title, it is the right way to become champion ”.

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