Lupita González received 1.5 million pesos of public money, despite not having the possibility of going to Tokyo 2020 for doping

Lupita González received 1.5 million pesos of public money, despite not having the possibility of going to Tokyo 2020 for doping

Lupita González obtained 1,520,052.67 pesos from public resources, despite the sanction for doping that prevented her from attending Tokyo 2020. Conade acted to the limit of the regulation, by maintaining the scholarship to a suspended athlete

Lupita Gonzalez received 1,520,052.67 pesos from public money, regardless of your participation in Tokyo 2020 you were at risk, because you tested positive in a control anti-doping. While facing the accusation, the marcher obtained public resources destined for their preparation in the 2016-2021 Olympic cycle, through the sports performance scholarships that grants the Conade, despite the fact that in the middle of the period his presence in the Olympic Games was already in doubt due to the accusation of doping.

The athlete who won a silver medal in Rio 2016, had an “adverse analysis” in November 2018, and received a suspension from all sports activities for four years, after confirming doping. From there, the Conade acted at the limit of the World Anti-Doping Code, because he maintained financial support for the marchista who was left without possibilities to defend the runner-up in Tokyo 2020.

Lupita Gonzalez received the third best financial scholarship since December 2018, according to documents to which he had access ESPN Digital via transparency. The athlete maintained financial support a few days after a prohibited substance was detected in a control anti-doping and until June 2020, when they ratified the sanction of four years of suspension and, with it, the possibility of attending the Olympic Games ended. Of the last 31 months, only in two is there a record that the name of Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Romero did not receive public resources.

“Likewise, in the event of committing an anti-doping rule violation […], the Signatories, their member organizers and the governments will deprive the offending Person of all or part of the financial support and other benefits related to their sports practice ”, reads article 10 of the World Anti-Doping Code, published by the Agency World Anti-Doping (WADA).

Lupita Gonzalez obtained 81,886.23 pesos during 16 months, according to the beneficiary registry of the Fund for High Performance Sports (Fodepar). In the period that includes from July to September 2019, the marchista received 16,377.24 pesos and in the months of July and August 2020 the Conade did not grant sports scholarship.

The four-year suspension for Lupita Gonzalez was announced in May 2019, but since December 2018 it received one of the scholarships highest performance sports in Mexico. In July 2020, when the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) rejected the appeal of the Mexican marcher and all hopes that she was in Tokyo 2020, the authorities of the Conade decided to reduce their scholarship to an average of 20 thousand pesos per month and only deprived “the offending Person of all” financial support in the months of July and August of last year.

The Fodepar was the instrument that Conade used to disperse financial support to athletes until October 2020, when by presidential decree the fund disappeared along with other public trusts. The extinction of Fodepar did not mean the end of the support for Lupita Gonzalez, since from that month until May 2021 he received 171,403.30 pesos. In addition, his coach, Esteban Santos, also appears among the scholarship recipients, with a monthly income for that concept of 20,000 pesos, according to the files he had access to. ESPN Digital.

The Conade, at least, multiplied by six the economic scholarship of Lupita Gonzalez to Tokyo 2020, with respect to the previous Olympic cycle. The 1.5 million pesos of the period analyzed for this investigation exceed the 246,525 pesos that the Fodepar marchista received during her preparation for Rio 2016, an average of 5,135 pesos per month, approximately.

In total, since it was suspended to Lupita Gonzalez and up to two months before the start of Tokyo 2020, the Mexican marcher obtained just over a million and a half pesos, in addition to the fact that the possibilities of going to Paris 2024 were almost completely extinguished, when she received a new sanction of another four years for manipulation in the anti-doping controls, but that is still appealable in the CAS.

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