“Now any pend *** is champion”: Encontronazo between Chávez and El Travieso in networks

Ahora cualquier pend*** es campeón: Encontronazo entre Chávez y el Travieso en redes

Julio Cesar Chavez Y Jorge “Naughty” Arce had a tense exchange on social media, after Maple respond to a video in the Chavez said that now any asshole can be champion and specifically pointing to the Naughty.

The entire lawsuit was generated by a video from more than a year ago. It is from a conference where they ask Chavez about current boxing and responded by criticizing the ease with which it is possible to be a champion today. More jokingly than serious, July gave a scratch to the Naughty.

“In my time, no,” he began JC on whether in sport there are arranged fights. “Actually, at present maybe yes. There is a lot of marketing, now the fights are totally different, now any asshole is a world champion, any asshole has 5 or 10 world championships. Go to Naughty MapleHe has five world championships, even the meanest asshole ”.

Although the video is older than a year ago, it again generated traction on social networks. And the Naughty, he responded annoyed from his social networks.

“Listening to the statements of the weepy old man,” he said Maple in your answer video. “He’s right, now any asshole is a champion. Even his son, bloody big ass, became world champion. How screwed up boxing will be today, we are well screwed. I’d rather be mean and stupid, and have my family stable and have taken care of everything I earned, than stick it up my nose as a parakeet. A hug, champion, I was glad that you have rehabilitated ”.

Plus, Maple accompanied the video by writing something similar in the post.

“I was so bad and stupid that I never fell into drugs, because if I had been as alive and good as him, I would have ended up like most on drugs and with nothing, on the street,” he added. Naughty. “I’m fine like that, stupid and bad, you will see how happy I live, at ease with my stable family.”

Julio César Chávez’s response to Naughty Arce

Despite the harsh response from Maple, Julio Cesar Chavez tried to calm him down through his account of Twitter, pointing out that the comment was a joke. Later, he offered to hold another exhibition contest after the three they have given.

“Let’s see, let’s see, what’s going on with you, fucking tooth?” Julio Cesar Chavez. “We have always joked and I have already retired from the exhibitions, but if you want we will do the four, so start training because now I am going to make you uglier than you are. Courage, damn tooth, and do not get bitter. Make him feel like it, he is loved ”.

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