Wanderers vs. Plaza Colonia – Match Report – August 15, 2021

Wanderers vs.  Plaza Colonia - Match Report - August 15, 2021

(ESPN.com) – Plaza Colonia was the champion of the Apertura Tournament! The team led by Eduardo Espinel beat Wanderers 2-0 at Parque Viera and managed to win the title in the absence of a date for the end of the contest.

The match was open and back and forth from the start, with two teams that sought to propose, with their weapons, from the start. The Bohemians had some approach from the start, but the Patablancas were dangerous at all times with a Nicolás Dibble was the most restless in the visiting offense and who crashed a ball on the crossbar.

At 37 ‘, Plaza managed to break the parity after a still ball that Leonai Souza headed in the area and that Álvaro Fernández put in the middle, so that Emilio Zeballos pushed it to the back of the net establishing the 1 to 0.

At the start of the second half, Wanderers went ahead before a Colonial team that fell back against Santiago Mele’s goal and gave possession to their rival.

At 67 ‘the Bohemian had a very clear after an attempt by Quagliata that Risso ended up finishing against his own goal trying to clear, and that the goalkeeper managed to cover with a fantastic save. A minute later, the homeowners were left with a player short by the expulsion of César Araujo, after an angry claim for a hand in the area on that same play.

At 74 ‘, the Patablancas had an unbeatable chance to finish the game with a fantastic play by Dibble, who after leaving De Arruabarrena twice on the way ended up crashing the ball on the post.

But Dibble himself had another ace up his sleeve since at 77 ‘they threw him at speed, he hit enabled and after again eluding the Wanderers goalkeeper he managed to sentence the game by scoring 2 to 0.

Plaza Colonia took the victory from Parque Viera and was crowned Champion of the 2021 Apertura Tournament in the absence of a date for the final.


WANDERERS (0): Ignacio de Arruabarrena, Gerónimo Bortagaray, Guzmán Pereira, Hernán Petryk, Krisztián Vadócz, Leonardo Pais, César Araujo, Bruno Veglio, Kevin Rolón, Hernán Rivero, Rodrigo Rivero. DT: Daniel Carreño.

PLAZA COLONIA (2): Santiago Mele, Nicolás Olivera, Mario Risso, Haibrany Ruiz Díaz, Gonzalo Camargo, Emilio Zeballos, Álvaro Fernández, Yvo Calleros, Leonai Souza, Imanol Enríquez, Nicolás Dibble. DT: Eduardo Espinel

GOALS: 37 ‘Emilio Zeballos (P), 77’ Nicolás Dibble (P)

STADIUM: Viera Park

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